7 Essential Drafting Table Accessories

Man working at a drafting table

Every drafting table can be equipped with different accessories to accompany it. For convenience and safety, the drafter must set the space up correctly. Below are a few drafting table essentials every drafter should have in their space.

Light Box

There are many different types of light boxes you can purchase for your drafting table. A light box can be a very inexpensive but an important accessory to purchase. A light box can help any drafter illuminate the table and the paper they are working on. In addition, you can buy a light box that is small and ideal for portable drafting tables or you can purchase a light box that illuminates the full drafting table.

Flat Files

drafting table with sketch on it

Flat files are a part of any drafter's storage solution. The flat files either sit underneath or beside the drafting table. They are locations that a drafter will store their drafts and designs. They help to make sure that the designs do not get kinked or folded in storage.

Drafting Chair

Where would any drafter be without a drafting chair? Every drafter needs a place to sit down and think, design and develop their plans. Some drafters can spend hours and hours putting together the right design, the right look, and the right feel for their projects so a comfortable and ergonomic seat is critical to the process.

Portfolios and Tubes

The portfolios and tubes allow the drafter to take their supplies and their work with them from one location to the other. You can roll up a design in a tube or you can lay the design flat in the portfolio. These are important drafter carriers that are used all the time. Each of these portable carriers come in different designs, styles and sizes.

Under the Table Mat

Whenever you are setting up your space as a drafter, you may want to think about purchasing a hard mat that can sit underneath the drafting table and allow you to roll your chair or stool from one side of the table to the other. It makes it easier for the drafter to work from one area to the other and it will save the carpet or the flooring surface underneath.


rolled paper, pencil, and blueprint

This is such a must have accessory for any drafter. Who would not want to have a small wheeling cart to hold all sorts of different accessories, pencils, writing instruments and drawing instruments? This little accessory fits snugly underneath any drafting table, small or large. You can purchase one in different types of materials. They can be made of glass and metal or out of wood. All in all, a taboret helps the drafter stay organized.

Table Light

A table light or table lamp is almost necessary for a drafter. The best table lamp is one that bends and turns in different ways and locations so the drafter can position the light in just the right position so they can see what they are doing when they are working.