7 Essential Muffler Repair Tools 7 Essential Muffler Repair Tools

Muffler repair is something that you have to do if your muffler isn’t working properly, otherwise you will cause deadly fumes from the exhaust to endanger you and your passengers, noise pollution from the rattling it makes and other problems. Here are 8 essential muffler repair tools you can use to do muffler repair:

1. Jack Stands or Lifts

A tool used to lift up the car so you can work underneath it. It is very dangerous to try to lift a car without these proper tools, as it can slip, fall and crush someone.

2. Crescent Wrench

This type of wrench is one of the types used for turning bolts and nuts.

3. Socket Wrench

Another type of wrench used in muffler repair to loosen bolts and nuts.

4. Hangers or Clamps

Hangers and clamps are used to hold the muffler securely so it can be worked on.
5. Muffler Chisel

This is a cutting tool used to get the muffler off the exhaust pipe.

6. Tailpipe Expander

This is a tool used to expand the car's tail pipe when it doesn’t fit properly into your car’s muffler.

7. Special Muffler Repair Kits

These kits have metal heat shields, wires to fasten things, and a type of muffler bandage. Additionlly, it includes directions on how to do emergency muffler repair.

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