7 Essential Rebar Bender Safety Tips

A rebar bender is a machine that is used to bend bars made of steel and other heavy metals. Rebar benders are widely used in building and construction. These machines enable you to bend heavy steel bars at accurate angles. When you operate a rebar bender, you must follow the important safety precautions listed below.

1 – Read and Understand the Instruction Manual

A rebar bender is a heavy, powerful machine that must not be operated by inexperienced individuals. Before you operate a rebar bender, you must have a good understanding of the functioning and method of operation of the machine. If it is your first time using the machine, get some firsthand training from an experienced individual.

2 – Wear Safety Goggles, Gloves and Protective Footwear

Working with a rebar bender can be risky business. You have to handle heavy steel bars and metal pieces very carefully. There is always a chance of accidents or object dislocation. To protect your eyes from flying particles or rods, you must wear thick safety goggles at all times. Thick gloves will make it easy for you to handle pieces of equipment, while protecting your fingers and palms at the same time. For efficient operation of the foot pedal, you must wear comfortable, thick footwear as well.

3 – Be Careful About Hand Placement

When you place the rebar on the bender table, and the machine starts bending the bar towards the roller, you must be very careful about the placement of your hands. Any carelessness can lead to serious accidents and permanent injuries.

4 – Warm up Machine for a Few Minutes in Cold Weather

For best results and safe operation, you must warm up the rebar bender for a few minutes in the cold weather. This will set the machine in motion, and you can get better results. Warming up the rebar bender beforehand is also beneficial because there is less stress on the machine itself.

5 – Hold the Bar Parallel to the Bender before Bending

Proper placement and angling of the bar is critical to the end result and also your safety. Select the correct bending angle beforehand and place the rebar parallel to the bender table before you commence your work. The wrong placement may cause the rebar to bend at the incorrect angle. The bar may also hit your body, causing injury.

6 – Operate the Foot Pedal Carefully

The foot pedal enables the user to control the direction of bending. For safety purposes, it is very important that the same person must operate the bar bender and the foot pedal. If different people operate different parts of the machine, there is a very high risk of accidents.

7 – Operate the Rebar Bender Only if You are Fit to Do So

You must never operate the rebar bender if you are not fully conscious and alert. Never use the machine under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication. Any accidents can be lethal to you and also your co-workers in the vicinity.