7 Fire Pits to Heat Up Your Backyard

Not All Fire Pits Are Created Equal
burning logs

Fire pits are an easy way to create a focal point in your yard while creating a gathering place for family and friends—think of all the conversations and deep thoughts you can have around the flames, not to mention the toasted marshmallows. You’re sure to find something suited to your landscape with one of our seven picks.

1. Plant Some Greenery
an outdoor firepit

Most people attempt to maximize seating around a fire pit, but for a more nature-esque feel, surround a side with some foliage. (Just make sure it doesn’t grow too close to fire range.)

2. Let the Light Shine Through
a fire pit at night

To take full advantage of your fire, allow the flames to glow through a mesh cage.

3. Make It Modern
an unlit firepit surrounded by chairs

The sleek round form of this fire pit takes it into the modern age. Perfect for those who want their embers more sophisticated than rustic.

4. Use the Landscape
a firepit on a stone patio

Build your fire pit into the geometry of its surroundings. The round forms of the pavement and grass highlight the fire pit’s circular shape and its bench seating.

5. Light Multiple Flames
an unlit firepit with red candles on the logs

You don’t always have to light a fire on the fire pit. Get a different effect by setting tea lights or candles on top of the wood for a tongue-in-cheek use.

6. Make It Organic
a firepit on a stone patio

The jutting rocks creating this fire pit give it a caveman feel, but the surrounding stone flooring means no one has to sit in the dirt to enjoy the warmth.

7. Leave Things Open-Ended
a burning fire pit by a lake surrounded by a stone wall and wooden chairs

Don’t underestimate practicality — the opening of this fire pit allows for easy cleaning and access to lay on more wood.