7 Front Door Accessories

Your front door accessories can make a great difference to the way your home is perceived by visitors. Different accessories can also protect your home by adding perceived safety and security.

Door Handles

The way you open a door says a lot about you. Using a handle instead of (or as well as) a key will make your door seem more secure.

Decorative Front Door

Decorative front doors have such things as stained glass windows or ornamental metal work. These decorative styles can make your home seem a bit more upper-class.

Letter Box

If you have a door to which mail is delivered, a well designed letter box is both decorative and functional.

Lock Plates

Protecting the part of the door that you are always stabbing with your key as you miss the key hole can also make your lock look more impressive.

Bell Push

An illuminated bell push always looks good on a front door.

Door Knocker

This is often the favorite accessory of all on doors. There is something magical about ignoring a bell push and giving a door a good solid rap.

Kick Plate

A kick plate helps to protect your door from unintentional kicks and will help to avoid dings and dents in the door surface.
By adding accessories to your front entry door you can upgrade the style and functionality of the entrance to your home.