7 Garden Wall Building Material Options

One of the more popular projects today for better landscaping is in the form of garden wall building. These garden walls are used not only to make a garden more appealing, but also to hold back a hillside that is eroding into the garden, hold water features, or be a place to build a patio around. A garden wall can be built with several different types of building materials in order to present different characteristics to a home and garden. Here are some of the different building material options if you are thinking about future garden wall building.

1 - Masonry Blocks

The traditional gray construction blocks that are used for many different applications can also be used as a garden wall. They stack up easily, can be filled with concrete, and provide a lot of strength to a larger wall. 

2 - Red Bricks

One of the better looking building materials for garden wall building, is regular red bricks. Working with these bricks will amount to a lot of tedious work with each individual brick, as well as some precautions for keeping the wall strong. Red bricks are great for small garden walls that are used on a staggered landscape or low retainer. 

3 - Large Flat Stones

Another great looking building option for a garden wall is large, flat stones. These are usually called river stones and can be quite expensive. However, they provide a finished look that will blend in with the surrounding landscape. Working with the stones does require that you use mortar between each one and the use of rebar to tie into the surrounding hillside. 

4 - Railroad Ties

Garden walls that are built out of railroad ties have a certain distinction all of their own. With the weathered look, the gouges, the history and ease of which to work with them, railroad ties are perfect for a more rustic garden wall. They can be used as a retaining wall or as a stand along wall to hang a water feature from. Railroad ties are very strong and can hold back large hillsides up to a height of 10 feet if necessary.

5 - Decorative Block Walls

There are plenty of different pre-fabricated block walls that are used in many different landscape applications. They can be used for both straight and curved walls. Many of these blocks can be used without the use of mortar as they have a built in system that locks them together. Depending on the type of pre-fabricated block that you choose there will be different height restrictions. A garden wall built with these blocks can range from 2 to 6 feet high.

6 - Trellis Material

For a garden wall that is not going to hold back any type of hillside, a screened, or trellis, type of wooden material can be used. One of the advantages of this type of building material for a garden wall is that you can easily grow plants around them, on them, and even through them. 

7 - Tiles

For a completely custom-type of garden wall, you can make use of different tiles on a wood backing for different designs, colors and character. You can use large tiles, small tiles, ceramic, glass or natural tiles. This type of wall would be great to provide a frame for a patio or seating area in your garden.