7 Gazebo Lighting Options

Gazebo lighting options are fun to test out. There are so many different options you can find something that everyone will like. The biggest thing is determining how much light you want in your gazebo. You may use many different kinds. Whatever you decide, here are some options to get you started on planning.

1. Candles

Candles set somewhat of a romantic mood. They are perfect for a candle lit dinner, or just sitting under the stars. Candles are good when you are going for a softer light, and not necessarily wanting to be able to see everything clearly.

2. Lanterns

Paper and cane lanterns can be a beautiful way to light your gazebo. They come in lots of different shapes, colors, and sizes. The bulbs can be bright or dim, depending on how much light you want them to give off. Lanterns can help you add your own personal touch to your gazebo lighting. Paper lanterns can easily be strung from the gazebo all the way across your yard. You can even use them to decorate the fence around your gazebo.

3. String Lights

String lights are another fantastic gazebo lighting option. You can string the lights to run along the posts and arch over the entrances. You can wrap the lights around the trees surrounding your gazebo. String lights come in different colors, so they can create a sort of festive atmosphere.

4. Solar Lights

Solar lights are another option for gazebo lighting. They are energy efficient, and charge throughout the day so they are automatically ready for the evening. You do not have to replace bulbs with these lights, so they are a little more convenient.

5. Small Table Lamps and Standing Lamps

Lamps can be a good lighting option as well. They can be a temporary fix until you decide what type of lighting you really want in your gazebo. Small table lamps can be used for lighting so that you can sit and read a book. Standing lamps can cast light on a grill or smoker to allow cooking outside in twilight. Lamps can be different designs, and different colors. You can still be creative with lamps in your gazebo.

6. Chandeliers

Chandeliers can be a very pretty option for your gazebo. They can be hung on the entranceway or in the middle of the ceiling of your gazebo. Chandeliers can use candles, electricity, or solar energy to be lit. This makes chandeliers a very versatile choice for lighting your gazebo.

7. Flood Lights

Flood lights are not used for ambience, but for security reasons. Flood lights focused towards your gazebo and around your house add to your safety. They prevent injuries from falls and provide security for your home by preventing unseen intruders.

There is going to be a choice of lighting perfect for your needs. There are options for you if you are lighting your gazebo for safety reasons, completing tasks after dark, or you just want it to look pretty. Use these options for gazebo lighting or a combination of them for a nice outdoor sanctuary.