7 Great Smoking Room Entertainment Ideas

Pool table in a room with green walls and dark wood

A smoking room can be the perfect place to gather friends and family on a special occasion, which can make the addition of entertainment ideas even more relevant. Focus on the use of the room and you will better be able to decide what the suitable entertainment options are.

1. Board Games

By setting up a table and chairs in your smoking room, you can create a place to play board games. This is a versatile option as it will allow you to easily swap games when necessary. There is also the option of using it for other purposes, such as for puzzles. Using a hollow-topped table that comprises a removable top will enable you to make it multi-purpose by maintaining a long-term game, such as chess, within the recess of the table before using the top for another. A poker table is another gaming option that is a good fit for a smoking room.

2. Dartboard

darts in a dartboard

Hanging a dartboard in your smoking room is a great entertainment idea because it will enable you to include all your guests by playing tournaments. Further, the portable nature of the game means that it is easy to hang and move if and when necessary.

3. Giant Hanging Crossword

Where you have limited space in your smoking room, consider hanging a giant wipe-clean crossword puzzle which can be found at many novelty stores. Due to its ability to be reused, you will find many of your guests can be entertained with this type of item.

4. Entertainment Center

Installing an entertainment center will provide many ways to entertain guests. The various media will give you many choices for entertainment options, whether background music or playing movies. Make use of surround sound to heighten the experience. Hooking up a computer console will enable games to be played on the television. Installing a projector is a good idea if you are reluctant to fit equipment which will take up a large amount of room; not only can you obtain a miniature version of the item but it will enable you to display photograph slideshows.

5. Table Games

pool and air hockey tables in a downstairs room

There are a variety of table games that can be used to provide entertainment in your smoking room. Games such as snooker and air hockey can be used to entertain guests of all ages and are widely available. Consider a reversible table or one with interchangeable tops to give you more options.

6. Pinball Machine

A pinball machine or similar electronic games can be a great way to provide entertainment and will require nothing more difficult to be done than plugging it in. The variety of games will ensure that you will be able to obtain one that many people enjoy. The machines will often keep a record of high scores which will serve to create competition between players.

7. Jukebox

Rather than making use of a stereo system, obtain a jukebox to give guests the option of choosing what track they want to hear. This is a particularly good option if you have a theme that you want to stay faithful to as jukeboxes are available in a traditional style as well as more modern ones.