7 Modern Wall Decals Designs to Decorate Your Bathroom With 7 Modern Wall Decals Designs to Decorate Your Bathroom With

Modern wall decals can be used to add a decorative feature to any bathroom. Many wall decals are thin and can be easily applied to any type of surface. The low tack backings also makes them easy to remove when you are ready to change your bathroom look. Be sure to choose a high quality decal that will not tear or fade. They are available in a matte finish which lends a more professional appearance to these works of design art. When applying the wall decals to your bathroom, keep in mind where they will be placed. A modern look can be achieved by placing a classic design or shape in an unexpected spot. Decals that begin at the ceiling and work their way downward can create a modern feel to the room.

1 - Modernized Classic Looks

Seascapes are a classic theme for a bathroom. Wall decals matching this theme can be applied along with more modern decals to add a contemporary twist. Modern plant shape decals can be added to to stay in keeping with the naturalistic look to the room.

2 - Geometric Shapes

There are many geometric shapes and designs available to create a contemporary décor. The color palette can be monochromatic bold hue or a combination of a neutral tones of black and white with a bright color. Varying sized dots and checkerboard squares are particularly easy shapes for achieving a modern look.

3 - Celebrity Decals

Jim Morrison, The Beatles and Marilyn Munro are just a few of the available celebrity decals available with a modern look. Consider applying a celebrity decal on one part of the of the room and the lyrics to a song or a the words to a particular quotation in another part of the room. Another design to consider is the use of just one celebrity decal but applied in a geometric pattern in a variety of bold colors.

4 - Quotation Text Decals

Choose a phrase or quotation from pop culture to use in your décor. Apply the words in wall decal text. Consider translating the the quotation to another language and adding it as well, or using an original foreign language phrase.

5 - Glow in the Dark Decals

These wall decals can create a modern almost futuristic feel in your bathroom. Use simple geometric shapes or classic shapes. When the lights have been turned low, these decals will produce an eclectic, electric look to your bathroom décor.

6 - Mural Decals

Famous urban landscapes make an excellent choice for creating a modern look in your bathroom. By applying an entire mural scene, you will produce a feeling of a virtual trip to the city of your choosing. Consider cityscapes from places such as New York, Paris, Montreal and Rome, just to name a few.

7 - Retro Decals

Everything old is new again with these decorative wall applications. Consider using patterns and shapes that were once popular in the 60s and 70s.


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