7 Pool Vacuum Cleaner Safety Tips

Pool vacuum cleaners are very efficient and effective for maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of your swimming pool. The pool vacuum cleaner can be used for both, above ground and in-ground swimming pool. In the present market there are various types and varieties of pool vacuum cleaners that are available. The robotic ones are the most advance and sophisticated ones. Nowadays all the pool vacuum cleaners that are available are fully loaded with features and are also very easy to use. But however using them safely is always a thing to learn. This article gives you information about how to use them safely and in a proper way.

Tip 1: No One Should Be Present in the Pool

Most of the pool vacuum cleaners operate on electricity. Though they are properly insulated and there is very less chance of a short-circuit, still while using this vacuum cleaner; make sure that no one is in the pool. You must always take this precaution as in case there is a short-circuit or leakage of current, it might turn fatal.

Tip 2: Suction Line

In the vacuum cleaner, make sure the suction line that is going into the pump is turned on. The hose head must be also turned on properly otherwise the suction will be improper.

Tip 3: Floating Particles and Leaves

You must always remove floating leaves and other particles from the pool before using the vacuum cleaner.  Any big size floating object can block the vacuum cleaner and cause trouble resulting in malfunction of the vacuum cleaner. You can use a skimmer for removing leaves and other particles from the pool before you start cleaning it with the vacuum cleaner.

Tip 4: Do Not Drain Out All the Water

In case of above ground pools you must not drain out the entire water before cleaning it. The minimum water level in the pool must be one feet. This water allows you to backwash the pool, which means it gives you a cleaner pool.

Tip 5: The Cord of the Vacuum Cleaner

Place the cord of the vacuum cleaner properly and always notice it and then make your movements. Due to presence of water around the pool there is always a chance of tumbling and slipping. Make sure the wire is not near your feet and there is no chance of it getting tangled with your feet. While taking the vacuum cleaner through the corner, do not pull the cord very harshly or stretch it too much as it might cut the cord. This would then lead to an electrical short-circuit.

Tip 6: Electric Shock

While operating the vacuum cleaner, if you feel a shock, immediately turn it off and then first check the wire for any cuts or breakage of insulation. Do not switch on the vacuum cleaner till you get the source of leakage.

Tip 7: Unplugging the Vacuum Cleaner

When the cleaning is over and you want to turn off the vacuum cleaner, never hold the cord and pull it for unplugging the vacuum cleaner. This might lead to fatal consequences. Always grasp the plug, which is attached to the cord, and pull it out of the socket, switching off the power supply first.