7 Reasons for Garden Fencing

Installing garden fencing around your vegetables or flower bed can be an attractive and practical addition. Here are seven reasons why you might consider putting a fence around your garden.

  • Stone or rock around the border can add beauty to any flower garden. Add some stepping stones to provide a functional walkway.
  • Planting a border of flowers around your flower garden can add definition and structure. Use brilliant colors that enhance the flowers in the rest of the garden.
  • Putting up garden fencing of any sort will help prevent you from accidentally mowing over part of your garden and will provide a buffer for your weed eater or other edger.
  • A fence provides a border which will help you get a more exact measurement when calculating how much fertilizer, mulch, and other materials you need. By defining a space, it also helps you decide how many flowers or vegetables to plant.
  • Placing chicken wire fencing around vegetable gardens can help keep rabbits out.
  • Wood or chain-linked fencing can be installed to deter dogs and other animals.
  • Putting electrical fencing around the perimeter of your garden will help keep horses and other livestock from trampling your flower garden or eating your vegetables. This is especially helpful if you live in the country.