7 Reasons to Choose Plastic Wall Panels 7 Reasons to Choose Plastic Wall Panels

Plastic wall panels have several advantages over traditional wood panels, which accumulate dirt, rot easily and are prone to insect infestation. In addition, traditional panels require periodic maintenance and upgrades which can be expensive. Plastic wall panels have a smooth surface and do not accumulate deep-seeded dirt. Any dust build-up on plastic panels can be simply cleaned with a pressure washer.  Although plastic wall panels are a relatively new product in the US and Canada, they have been an industry standard product in Europe for over 20 years. Plastic wall panels such as those made from PVC do not attract insects and does not rot. Consider these seven reasons to choose plastic wall panels:

1.  Variety of Design and Finish

With plastic wall  panels you can select from a variety of hues such as pastels and earth tones and different colors like white, blue, green, metallic and gold if you care to venture. In fact, if you still prefer the wood panel look without the wood panel maintenance, a wood grain finish is also offered.

2. Eco-Friendly

Plastic wall panels can provide energy savings. If you select plastic panels that are translucent in color, they will allow natural daylight in, with thermal and solar controls, such as UV light filtering properties. This selection with also create a really nice Zen ambiance inside while keeping the dust and noise on the outside.

3. Cost Effective

Plastic Wall Panels cost less than wood panels and can produce recurring cost savings in maintenance and energy costs.  Insulates both thermally and acoustically.

4. Customizable

Plastic wall panels can be customized to meet your specific requirements. If you prefer lots of sunlight, you can choose translucent panels. Optional insulation methods can be built in to prevent heat loss and gain and different patterns, sizes and thickness can be tailored to your preference.

5. Easy to Clean

Plastic wall panels can be just wiped clean with your favorite cleaning product. There is not grout involved.

6. Waterproof

Plastic wall panels are entirely waterproof and while the joints are designed to be watertight, however, small droplets of sealant between the tongue and groove during installation in areas such as regularly showers are recommended.

7. Easy Installation

Plastic Wall Panels are lightweight for easy handling. They can be cut and trimmed using a sharp knife or hand saw. The tongue-in-groove designs allow for easy installation, most PVC paneling comes with recessed fastening by either stapling or nailing to conceal the fastener.  Plastic wall panels can also be glued. Unlike other panels, these decorative panels are very easy to remove and replace with an alternate design or color, making redecorating a much easier project.

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