7 Reasons to Purchase Metal Casement WIndows 7 Reasons to Purchase Metal Casement WIndows

Metal casement windows have long been associated with older houses. It is not unusual to find homes and buildings that are centuries’ old spotting metal-framed windows. However, homeowners are increasingly considering these for their homes. Unlike traditional windows that slide up and down, casement windows swing outward like a door. They have one or more hinges and locking handles that enable window movement. They may also have ventilators that open inwards. Below are 7 reasons to purchase metal-framed windows.


Casement windows made of metal can blend with several architectural styles. They can also be painted whatever color you choose. This gives you freedom and flexibility in home design and improvement.


Metal-framed windows are highly resilient and durable.  Even those that may appear old, worn out and beyond repair can easily be restored. This saves you from considerable expenditure on purchase and installation of new windows altogether. Metal casements will not rot or develop mildew. Frequent moisture or temperature fluctuations have no effect on metal casements unlike other materials like vinyl. Corrosion and rust can easily be prevented by painting or application of a protective coating. Metal-framed windows will not easily dent, bend or break. This ensures that your window maintenance costs are kept at a minimum.


You can install metal-framed windows easily and fairly quickly. This saves you from expenses incurred where other materials may be used. Metal frames are economical to acquire. They require minimal maintenance once in place especially if galvanized or painted. Windows are an important feature of the house. Sometimes, simply repainting your metal casements will significantly improve the appearance of the entire home. Painting of window frames is a fairly low-cost undertaking. This makes metal window frames a cost-effective choice.

Fire Resistance

Metal frames are resistant to fire. Should a fire break out, metal-framed windows can help restrict the extent of the fire and the damage caused. This is a vital consideration especially if you live in a fire-prone area. Choose metal casements to add to the safety of your home.

Boosts Safety and Security

Metal window casements hold the window panes in place more securely. This adds to home safety. With metal-framed windows, you and your household items are better protected from weather extremities should they occur. The usually extensive damage and injuries caused by storms, strong winds and hurricanes can be significantly restricted by metal-framed windows. Metal casements also make it difficult for would-be burglars to gain entry into your home. This adds to home security as well as home value.

Added Home Value

The increased durability of windows, home safety and security as well as enhanced attractiveness associated with metal-framed windows all add to home value.


Metal casements are an environmentally friendly feature to install in your home. Most metals are virtually 100 percent recyclable. Once installed, metal frames will last hundreds of years. It does not undergo changes that add to environmental pollution when constantly exposed to the atmosphere. Metal makes an excellent choice where green concerns are a priority.

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