7 Safety Features to Install in Trampolines for Kids 7 Safety Features to Install in Trampolines for Kids

There is no denying that a trampoline for kids can provide them with hours of fun, exercise and enhanced body control. The downside to this is that trampolines can be dangerous if safety precautions and proper use of the equipment are not taken into consideration and applied.

When buying a trampoline, safety should be the priority consideration to investigate. Check how simple or complicated the installation of the trampoline is and whether you have the appropriate tools. Make sure that the trampoline is built according to the Safety Committee Regulations and consult the manual about the weight the trampoline can safely bear. Check the guarantee and whether you need to buy any extra parts to warrant top safety. Trampolines can be expensive and buying from a renowned firm ensures you are getting topnotch safety measures and your money’s worth.

1 - Enclosure

One sure thing you will have to buy along with the trampoline is a trampoline enclosure. This will ensure you that if left unsupervised, even for a few minutes, the kids won’t be thrown out of the trampoline. These enclosures can be festooned with balloons to provide color and a sense of fun which the kids will love.

2 - Pads

Some trampolines provide pads so that if a kid falls out of the trampoline he or she will have a soft landing. If the trampoline you are considering buying does not have these safety additions, it is not wise to purchase and install them.

3 - Cover

If the trampoline is to be installed in your backyard, you will need to buy a trampoline cover to preserve it against weather damage. They come in either waterproof polyethylene fabric or in heavy duty PVC vinyl.

4 - Ladder

Also make sure that if a ladder is being used to get to the trampoline, it is made of sturdy material and that it has roughly-textured rungs, to avoid having anyone slipping while climb up or descending. Ideally the ladder should be supplied with a cover or placed inside when not being used.

5 - Installation

When installing the trampoline try to do it in one sitting so that you won’t leave a half finished trampoline lying about. Kids might try to use it and get hurt. Trampoline suppliers will do the installation for you, if you decide to opt out of the process.

6 - Instructions

Teach the kids about the proper behavior when using the trampoline. When possible only one kid at a time should be using it, as multiple jumpers can collide and cause injury. Kids should also be constantly supervised as their enthusiasm can carry them too far, like trying to engage in some friendly wrestling and get hurt in the process. Kids should also be discouraged from trying somersaults as this can result in awkward landings and injury. Toys are to be forbidden as they are hard objects and can also cause an accident by impact.

7 - Age Range

Trampoline suppliers can usually instruct you on which trampoline is best suited to your family’s needs, based on the age range on who will be using it. It is best to go directly to a renowned supplier and not just buy the first you happen to come by.


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