7 Safety Tips for Using Super Glue

We have all heard stories about accidents caused due to the misuse of super glue. You must take every precaution to avoid getting super glue on your body or on unwanted surface, but in case of such accidents, there are steps you can take to remove the glue safely. Because this substance is so highly powerful and quick to dry, it is important to follow some safety tips before and during its usage.

1 – Read the Application Instructions Beforehand

When you purchase super glue, you must read the application instructions beforehand. This way, you can purchase the right product for your application and also be prepared for the gluing process. Take special note of any warnings and precautions. To avoid messy situations, get the right applicator as well. Excess glue in the wrong place can cause many accidents too.

2 – Choose a Well Ventilated Work Area

Working with super glue may cause breathing problems and asthma in some people. It is best to avoid breathing in the fumes from the opened product. Therefore, choose an open, well ventilated area for working. If you experience any adverse reactions, move outdoors immediately.

3 – Never Open the Container Carelessly

Open the container only after you have prepared the work area. Clean the surfaces well, so that you can get maximum adhesion. Cover all the surrounding surfaces. When you open the container, hold it a safe distance from your face, with the opening pointed away. This way, if the glue spurts out by any chance, it will not land on your face.

4 – Wear Gloves

You must wear gloves and long clothing when working with super glue. This will prevent accidents to a large extent.

5 – Close the Lid Tightly After Use

It is important to close the container tightly after use. This will prevent spillage and the super glue will last much longer as well.

6 – Be Patient if there is an Accident

If the super glue lands on your skin, eyes or mouth, never try to pry open the affected area. This will result in certain injury. The best way to remove super glue is to use acetone, which is found in many nail polish removers. Apply the acetone on the affected area and gently peel back the joined surfaces from each other. If you get super glue on your skin, there is a chance of burns on contact. Treat the affected area with acetone. If there is none available, immerse the affected part in warm soapy water. Wait till the glue disintegrates, repeating the treatment as required. Once the glue starts coming apart, gently pry it off of the skin. If you get super glue in your eyes or mouth, contact the doctor immediately. For these areas too, wash or immerse the affected part in warm water. Super glue cannot be swallowed and usually will take a day or more to be removed from the mouth.

7 – Avoid Cotton and Wool in Close Proximity

Ethyl cyanoacrylate, which is found in most super glue products, reacts with cotton and wool. The reaction may cause fire, which is why it is advisable to avoid wearing cotton or wool products when working with super glue.