7 Simple Driveway Landscaping Ideas

You can make your home and property more attractive easily with driveway landscaping. In addition to improving the driveway's appearance, driveway landscaping will help provide more parking, and create a smoother surface for walking, cycling and clearing snow and ice in the winter. Look over these 7 simple driveway landscaping ideas to enhance the appearance and usefulness of your driveway.

Border Your Driveway

Use paving stones to clearly mark off your driveway from your lawn. This will reduce grass and weed growth in the driveway surface. Choose a contrasting color to the main surface, or a differently-shaped paver if your driveway is already finished with paving bricks.

Widen and Straighten Your Driveway

As your teens grow up and try to fit their cars into the driveway, the parking area will spread out onto the lawn, making unattractive bald spots and ruts in the grass. You can solve this by widening the driveway slightly to allow 2 cars to park side by side, or create a turnoff on one side, to fit 1 or 2 cars, and to enable cars to turn around in the driveway. Use a solid asphalt cover on the edges or turnoff to clearly define these driveway additions.

Put a Retaining Wall beside Your Driveway

To keep an elevated lawn from eroding into your driveway, or flooding your driveway when it is watered, build a landscape retaining wall between the driveway and the lawn. Many types of stacking and interlocking wall bricks and stones are available for do-it-yourself installation. A retaining wall adds to the elegance of your landscape while preventing soil erosion under your lawn.

Change the Shape of Your Driveway

On a wide but shallow lot, consider reshaping your straight driveway into a semicircle. It should be at least 18 feet wide to allow cars to pass and turn around. Cover it in asphalt with a border, or use interlocking pavers for the surface.

Add More Greenery to the Driveway Borders

If you have a back yard for your children to play in, make the front yard and driveway area more decorative with plantings beside the driveway, either on one side or both. You can use long planter boxes, flower beds or a row of flowering evergreen shrubs to highlight the driveway, leading visitors' eyes right to the front entry of your house. Be sure to keep shrubs trimmed to below 4 feet in height, and place them well back from the curb to avoid obstructing the traffic view for drivers, including yourself.

Light Your Driveway

All year round, use solar-powered garden lights to illuminate the edges of your driveway. During the holiday season, add colorful strands of LED lights wound around each of the garden lanterns. They will look pretty and be harder for thieves to steal.

Gate Your Driveway

Set up driveway entry lighting on two pillars at the end of your driveway, well inside the sidewalk or curb line to keep traffic sightlines clear. You can add a low wall across the front of your yard or a decorative fence in the future to complement the gate posts.