7 Tips for Installing Exterior Window Trim on Stucco

Tan colored stucco home
What You'll Need
Wood for trim
Caulking gun
Tape measure

Installing some new exterior window trim is a great way to finish any property. This will hide the joint between your windows and the walls of your house. Trim is also available in a variety of different finishes. If you have stucco walls then installing trim might seem difficult. With the right tools and materials, there shouldn't be any problem for anyone to install trim on these houses. While house trim is normally used with houses which have siding, it can also be used on houses finished in stucco. There are some tips that make fitting exterior window trim on stucco easier.


The most important tip is to make sure that the measurements are correct. Measure the width and height accurately. Then record the details for reference as you work.


The trim needs to be installed so that it's centered against the window. Mark the middle on the frame and the sill so that the window trim is fixed accurately. When you're ready to fit the trim it's simply a matter of lining the marks up.

Applying Adhesive

The adhesive needs to be applied to both the window trim and the window sill. This will minimize the chances of air bubbles interfering and affecting the glue. Then use the marks you made to align the trim on the window properly.

Measuring a window opening

Holding Trim in Place

Hold the trim in place while the adhesive cures. This can be done using tape or screws if desired. You must give the adhesive around a day to dry before removing the tape or screws.


When working with the side sill trim, you will need to cut the top at a 45 degree angle. The bottom won't need to be cut. The top piece of sill trim needs to have both of the sides at 45 degree angles. Measure and mark the trim with a pencil before cutting. Use a miter saw or block for accuracy. This will help the seams sit flush against each other.

Sealing Joints

All joints should be sealed with caulk. However make sure that you clean all of the excess caulk off as you work. Wipe the excess away with a damp rag or your finger after pressing it into the joint. Sealing all of the joints will ensure that they are weatherproof.


The trim can be painted using masonry paint or brick paint which is available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Once the trim is painted it needs to be left to dry. Then it only requires minimal maintenance work to keep it looking it's absolute best.

Installing stucco window trim is very easy and it's something that's very easy. It's also a great way to instantly improve the look of your home.