7 Tips for Caring for a Caulking Gun

A caulking gun is a device that has a frame in which you can fit a caulking tube. It also has a handle that you can squeeze to eject the caulk.  Most caulking guns also have cutters that you can use to cut off the seals on caulking tubes. Caulking guns are available in many different varieties and price ranges. With proper care and maintenance, you can preserve your caulking gun in good shape for a long time.

1 – Keep the Caulking Gun Clean

This is the most important preventative step to take. After every use, you must carefully remove the caulking tube and clean the caulking gun thoroughly. This will prevent the buildup of caulk and dirt that can severely hamper the proper functioning of your caulking gun. To properly clean it, use a brush or wet cloth. Ensure that it is properly dried as well. Regular cleaning of the caulking gun will make it much easier to maintain and will also save you a lot of time. A clean handle is also essential for proper operation and for safety.

2 – Load and Unload the Caulking Gun Carefully

To prevent damage to the caulking gun, you must know how to properly use it. Only insert caulking tubes of the right size and avoid forcing in any other equipment. Keep the caulking gun away from the reach of children, who may cause damage to the tool. There is also a chance of injury by misuse.

3 – Keep the Ratchet Lubricated at All Times

Use a good quality lubricating oil to keep the ratchet lubricated at all times. This will make it easier for you to pump put the caulk into crevices. It will also reduce the buildup on the caulking gun and will make it easier to clean afterwards.

4 – Store in a Cool, Dry Place

To lengthen the life span of your caulking gun, you must store it in a cool, dry place. Moisture and excessive heat are both detrimental to such tools. Storing the caulking gun in a safe place will also prevent it from landing in the wrong hands.

5 – Regularly Inspect the Caulking Gun for Damage

Every once in a while, inspect your caulking gun for any signs of damage. Look for cracks or broken parts on the tool. If you catch minor signs of damage beforehand, you can have some repairs done easily. if the tool is under warranty, you can do so free of cost as well.

6 – Remove Excess Caulk after Every Job

After you use the caulking gun, you must make it a point to remove any excess caulk. If it stays in place and hardens, it will hamper the working of the tool. Also, it will be very difficult to remove after a while.

7 – Store the Caulking Tube Properly

After you finish using the caulking gun, remove the caulking tube and carefully store it. Seal all the gaps on the tube. This will prevent hardening of the caulk so that you can use it again later.