7 Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Your Metal Coat Rack

If you have a metal coat rack, cleaning it and keeping it looking pristine might seem like a difficult task. There are different care techniques for different metals, but some things apply to almost all of them. Below are some tips that will help your coat rack stay looking its best.

Tip 1 - Avoid Fingerprints

Greasy fingerprints are often the culprits of grime on metal. Avoiding fingerprints will make it a whole lot easier to clean your metal and keep it looking clean for longer than 5 minutes. Try to grab the coats, not the rack itself. Also avoid having young children around the rack as they like to hold onto shiny, hard-to-clean things. Fun for them, not for you.

Tip 2 - How to Clean Brass and Steel

One cleaning option is to rub vinegar and salt on the metal for cleaning, if you are dealing with steel or brass. Another popular option is ketchup, surprisingly. The tomato juice within the ketchup reacts well with shiny metals to remove grime. Just let either compound sit for a few minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. Use a rag or a non-scratching paper towel to dry it off and polish it. You can put oil on top as well, but that may not be good with your coats hanging around.

Tip 3 - Avoid Moist Areas

As we all know, metal and moisture do not mix well. If you have your coat rack in a moist area, like a poorly insulated closet, you might want to move it elsewhere to avoid rusting. While this usually isn't the case indoors, it is still something to take note of.

Tip 4 - Clean Regularly

A buildup of grime can be a nightmare to clean, so try to clean off your metals once a week. Over time, your metal may darken and lose its sheen due to a lacking cleaning regimen. After that it is hard to restore, though not impossible.

Tip 5 - Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Supplies

To maintain the polished look on the outside of your metal, avoid hard brushes, scratchy rags, and strong chemicals that may damage the finish. Instead, use something you would be comfortable with using on a piece of glass. 

Tip 6 - Consider Oven Cleaner

If you have a darkened area of the metal that you want to clean, you might think of using oven cleaner on it. You will need to do this in a well ventilated area as the fumes can be pretty strong. Let the oven cleaner sit for a few hours before you wash it off. It will even be fine if it's left over night. A little squirt of water will make it a liquid once again.

Tip 7 - Cleaning Non-Shiny Metals

If you are cleaning something like wrought iron, you can be a little bit rougher with it. Stiff brushes and harsh chemicals may work just fine when the finish isn't an issue.