7 Tips for Cutting Aluminum with a Plasma Cutter

Gone are the days, when one had to spend hours trying to cut metal. Now, you can simply use a plasma cutter to cut metal sheets and mold them in any shape you want. Plasma cutter is based on the latest technology. The plasma cutter is fitted with electric arcs. When the  metal body comes in contact with this electric arc, it starts to melt. Once the metal changes form of state, the compressed air removes the liquid by blowing it away. This entire  series of actions happen extremely fast and one after the other ensuring that aluminum gets cut easily with the help of  a plasma cutter. Here are a few pointers that need to be kept in mind while cutting aluminum with a plasma cutter. 

Tip 1

Ensure that the air source is rightly connected to the plasma cutter. As already discussed, a plasma cutter needs compressed air to blow away the liquid metal. Ensure that the air source is rightly in place. In many cases, the plasma cutter can not be switched on unless the air source is put into the socket. 

Tip 2

Once the air source is in place, switch on the plasma cutter. Most machines take time to get started. Remember not to use these machines until they show the green light denoting that they are ready to be used. 

Tip 3

Place the plasma cutter is such a manner that the material to be cut rests between the gap of the two metal arcs. It is important to place the plasma cutter in the correct manner as the electric waves passing through these arcs will melt the aluminium sheet to liquid. 

Tip 4

It is wise to choose a plasma cutter depending on the thickness of the aluminium sheet. The plasma cutter for a thick aluminium sheet should have bigger arcs and a wider gap among them. This is important, as the metal sheet needs to be fit between the arcs. You can also opt for a bigger plasma cutter as required. 

Tip 5

Press the plasma cutter button. It will take a moment to start and then the aluminium will start being cut. Once you see the sheet is being cut hold it a little above and start moving it to cut a greater area. Remember not to drag the plasma cutter on the surface of the aluminium sheet as it may damage the cutter forever. The trick is to hold it right above the area you want to cut. 

Tip 6

Move the cutter in desired direction where you want the aluminium sheet to be cut. 

Tip 7

If you need to cut a large chunk of the aluminium sheet, then it makes sense to actually draw it out first and then use a cutter. You can use a metal marker to sketch out the area you want to cut and then use a cutter to ensure that it gets cuts smoothly.