7 Tips for Installing an Above-Ground Pool Dome

An Above-ground pool dome is the best way to make your pool interesting and cozy. Many people like to put a pool dome so that the pool can be converted into an indoor pool during winter. Some people have medical reasons for putting a pool dome, like those who need water therapies. Installation of an above-ground pool dome is easy. You can just buy a ready-made cover and attach it to the sides of the pool for support. In this way it can be taken down easily as well. Here are some tips which can help you when you are installing an above-ground pool dome.

1 - Easy Installation

If you are good with DIY activities, it is best for you to install the pool dome yourself, maybe only with the help of your neighbor. All you need is a power drill, a measuring tape and a screwdriver to install the pool dome. There is no need for you to hire professional tradesmen to install it. You must make sure that you can take it down easily and put it up again whenever you need to do it. 

2 - Surface

Before installation of the dome you need to check out the surface where it will be mounted. A flat surface is best for anchoring as well as for the air seal flap. You can create the flat surface by cutting wood wedges or making a concrete slope.

3 - Size and Shape of Dome

An above-ground pool dome can have any shape or size that you like. The manufacturer measures your custom-shaped pool and makes a dome according to the shape of your choice. When you measure for a dome, you must remember that domes which are longer have a tendency to bulge on the side walls, and even towards the middle.

4 - Deck

The best kind of decking for a pool dome is a concrete deck. You can also choose water tube domes. Wood decks can also be used, but you then need to make an air seal on the flooring. A piece of vinyl is often used for this job, but the anchors have to be installed underneath the wooden deck. 

5 - Objects inside the Dome

Anything that you want to have inside the dome can either be left inside permanently or taken in and out through the zipper entry. Plan accordingly before installation.

6 - Material

Choose good and sturdy material for the dome. Whether it is vinyl or any other kind of material, it should be able to withstand the heat and air pressure and not stretch inconsistently. If you would like to have multilevel domes, you can use vinyl to get it air tight. Indoor and outdoor carpeting also makes a dome look good.  Rubber is not advisable, as it sticks to the vinyl and may be very difficult to dismantle.

7 - Zipper

Actually, the weakest part of the dome is the zipper. A huge wind can break off the zipper, and that is why during installation you should ask for an extra zipper from the manufacturer, so when you need to replace a zipper, you will always have one ready at hand. In any case, a zipper needs to be replaced every 4 to 5 years.