7 Tips for Moving Metal Carports

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Metal carports are used when you don’t have a garage, but you want to cover your vehicle. One reason you may like metal carports, as opposed to a garage, is because of their sturdiness and stability. Because of the sturdiness, however, most people pick a spot for it and build it there with no intention of moving it later.

However, as time goes on, things change. Circumstances change, and so do your needs. Now you’re wondering how you're going to move that thing. If you do it wrong, you risk destroying the carport of worse causing an accident involving injury. There are ways you can achieve the moving of your carport with a lot of ingenuity and a little hard work. Here are some tips that may help you avoid wasting some of your time, money, and energy.

Tip 1: Assess the Distance

Figure out exactly how far you plan to move your carport. This will greatly influence the technique you will use to move it.

Tip 2: Research

Metal carports can be fairly easy to move if you know what you are doing. You are not going to want to just start pulling your carport apart, or hitching it up to a tractor without knowing how to go about it.

Tip 3: Plan

If you decide you are going to take it apart and put it back together, make sure you have a plan. You may want to mark each piece before you begin to take it apart. Make sure you have all the tools you need to take your metal carport apart before you begin.

Tip 4: Choose the Season Wisely

It would be a good idea to avoid moving your metal carport in the winter. The best time to move it would most likely be anytime after the ground thaws. This is because the ground will be more forgiving if you decided to slide your carport instead of taking it apart and reassembling.

Tip 5: Disassembling your Carport

If you decide that it would be best to take your carport apart and move it, make sure that you remove the top of your carport first. When you move on to the supporting structure, make sure you bag and label all of the small parts.

Tip 6: Sliding your Carport

If you decide that you would rather try and avoid taking apart your metal carport, you might consider sliding it. You can do this by jacking up each side and placing the carport on skidders. Then you can hitch it up to your tractor and slide it to your destination. However, be careful! You can risk bending or cracking the frame if you do not take it slow and easy.

Tip 7: Consultant a Professional

If you are unable to understand how to move the metal carport, then ask for help. It cannot hurt to ask a professional. You may find out that it is worth it to pay someone to do it, rather than to spend 5 - 6 hours taking it apart and putting it back together yourself, especially if you are unsure of the process.