7 Tips for Painting Your Fireplace Doors

Painting fireplace doors can be a fun project when you want to change the look of your fireplace area. Painting the fireplace doors often coincides with repainting your living room or if you have new furniture or decorations. Repainting your fireplace doors can add a fresh new look to your home and can make it more inviting for friends and family. Here are tips when painting your fireplace door.

High Temperature

Make sure that when you purchase paint for your fireplace door, you get a high temperature paint. Regular paint can burn and become a fire hazard. When paint burns it causes deadly fumes that can be very harmful to your health. Additionally, although paint may not actually burn, when it is heated it can still create dangerous fumes without your knowing it.

Clean Fireplace Doors

If possible, you may want to remove the fireplace doors prior to cleaning. Painting the doors while in the house is not recommended, so you may want to remove the doors prior to cleaning. Use a fine brush to clean ashes, soot or debris which has collected on the fireplace doors prior to painting. Rinse with water and use a soft cloth to wipe away water. Allow to air dry. Ensure doors are completely dry prior to painting.

Even Surface

Use sand paper to even out bumps on the fireplace doors. Sand it until completely smooth on all areas. It is important to use gloves when sanding and cleaning the doors to prevent oils from your hands to transfer to the fireplace doors. Again, wipe the door with a clean cloth to remove the sanding remnants.

Removal of Doors

Remove doors from your fireplace prior to painting. Take your fireplace doors outside and paint where it is well ventilated.

Protection of Accessories

If doors cannot be removed, protect all other fireplace accessories with painter's tape to avoid paint splatter. Put painter’s blue tape on the fireplace door gasket, trim and decorations.

Application of Paint

Paint a thin coat initially and allow to dry. Once dry, repaint until the desired color is achieved. Painting over a semi-dry coat of paint can cause air bubble formation that is not very pleasing to look at when paint dries. If you are going to use spray paint, cover your furniture as well as any other decorations and accessories around the fireplace area.

Let your fireplace door dry from paint completely before using or lighting up your fireplace. It is best to paint your fireplace doors at least a month prior to the cold season to ensure that the paint is completely dry. One way to know that is completely dry that there are no more fumes from the paint and when touched it is totally dry.

Reinstallation of Fireplace Door

Reinstall your fireplace door carefully if it was removed for painting. Make sure they are properly placed and well insulated. Fireplace doors protect people from the hot embers that a fireplace creates and improper installation can make this door fall and cause accidents and burns.