7 Tips to Safely Clean Glass Shower Doors

Upkeep of glass is essential to keep your glass shower doors looking their best. The following 7 tips to safely clean glass shower doors will help you to keep them clear and sparkling.

Tip 1 - Baking Soda and Scouring Pad

For this method, make a paste of water and baking soda.

Dip your scouring pad into the paste and scrub in circles. This will have a gritty feeling to it.

Be sure to rinse the residue thoroughly.

Tip 2 - Fine Steel Wool

Wet the glass doors paying special attention to the edges.

Using the most fine steel wool you can find, pull off a small piece.

Rub the glass with the steel wool. This works really well along the edges. Surprisingly, it does not scratch the glass.

Be careful if you have etched glass in your shower doors.

Use the steel wool only in other places or try another method on these areas.

Tip 3 - Fresh Lemon and Scouring Pad

Cut a fresh lemon in half and remove seeds.

Rub the lemon on the glass to coat it with lemon juice.

Let it stand for 3 to 5 minutes and scour with a scouring pad. The acid in the lemon will loosen any soap scum and grime on and around the glass. This does not work well with bottled lemon juice. A lot of times that type is diluted with water and the acidity is not strong enough to cut the grime.

Tip 4 - Hand Cleaner

Heavy-duty hand cleaner used by automobile mechanics is a great glass cleaner.

Wet the glass and apply the cleaner with a soft cloth.

Rub it thoroughly all over.

Rinse well, and dry with another cloth to remove any left over residue.

Tip 5 - Lemon Oil

This is an old-fashioned cleaning solution that still works today.

Rub the glass with lemon oil thoroughly.

Continue to rub until it is clear.

Be sure to wipe well to remove all of the oil residue. This will help deter water stains as well.

Tip 6 - Windshield Water Repellent

After you have your glass shower doors sparkling clean, try using a windshield water repellent, such as Rain X on the inside of the doors to repel water and dirt. It keeps your glass windows clean for much longer, even as long as 3 months.

Tip 7 - Safety First

Remember that before you step into your shower to start cleaning your doors, to make sure that you have non-skid shoes on. You can wear sneakers but will most likely have to clean the tub if the doors are on a combination closure, or the floor of your shower stall. A great idea is to keep a pair of flip flops handy for this task. You can keep the bottoms clean and will not have to go over the floor or tub again when you are finished.

If you are using a chemical to clean your glass doors, remember to keep the exhaust fan going and one of the doors open while you clean the other one. Last, but not least, never use ammonia and bleach together. This causes a chlorine gas which can actually be deadly.