7 Types of Pot Fillers Explained

Pots on a stove.

Pot fillers are special types of faucets which are located above the cooker and make filling up pots very easy. They are designed to save the need to fill up pots and carry them all around the kitchen. You can carry an empty pot and then fill it up when it's convenient. This is one of the best ways of using water to cook with because you don't have to lift anything heavy.

A pot filler is quite expensive to fit because it needs to be plumbed into the water pipes, however, this is a project which a competent DIYer can accomplish. There are a number of different types of pot fillers and it's a good idea to learn about the differences between these so that you can get the best results.

1. Fixed Pot Filler

A fixed pot filler is basically a regular faucet which is mounted over the top of your cooker. These are designed to quickly and conveniently fill up pots and saucepans without needing to carry water around the kitchen.

2. Swing Out Pot Filler

There are also plenty of extensible pot fillers which can be moved between different locations on your cooker. This means that you can fill up all sorts of different pots wherever they are located on your burner. The swing out pot burners normally extend around 15 inches.

3. Different Finishes

Water in a pot on the stove.

Pot fillers are also available in all sorts of different colors and finishes. This means that they are suitable for all sorts of different kitchens and rooms. The most common materials are stainless steel and chrome although it is possible to find them in many different types of material which will suit the faucets in your kitchen.

4. Wall Mounted

The most common types of pot filler faucets are mounted on the wall. These are very common and ideal if your cooker is located against a wall.

5. Cooker Island

There are also cooker island pot fillers. These can be fitted onto an island when it's not possible to fit the faucet onto the wall. These require more work to fit since the pipes must be routed under the floor and up to the kitchen island worktop. These are possible although digging up the floor will normally require a replacement of the flooring which is an extra expense.

6. Double Jointed Pot Filler

Pots on a stove.

A double jointed pot filler is similar to a swing out pot filler, however, this can reach further and normally extends to 18 to 24 inches. These can be located in the middle of the cooker which gives them the best movement and flexibility to reach all types of different pots anywhere on the stove.

7. Sprayer

Some varieties of pot fillers also have a sprayer attachment this makes it very simple to fill tape which are located at a distance from the pot. However, these can be very long and can sometimes get caught on pots when you are trying to move them.