7 Types of Stainless Steel Bolts 7 Types of Stainless Steel Bolts

Stainless steel bolts are used to fasten or hold together pieces of metal, wood and other materials. Bolts can distribute the weight of the materials that are being connected, which makes the connection or the joint more stable. Many types of stainless steel bolts can be used for different purposes. Here are the most widely used stainless steel bolts.

Hex Bolts

Hex bolts have hexagonal heads, hence their name. They are primarily used in repair and construction jobs. Hex bolts, also called machine bolts, typically have a smooth portion that separates the base of the head from the area where the threading begins. During the manufacturing process, the diameter of the head increases as the length of the bolt increases. Hex bolts are often available in large sizes, with a diameter that can reach 2 inches and length of up to 30 inches. These bolts can have fine or very course threading.

Sex Bolts

You use these stainless steel bolts if you want your project or assembly to appear to have a bolt head on both sides of the joined surfaces. A sex bolt has two parts. One is the standard bolt which you drive into the materials that will be fastened, and the other is a threaded female bolt that basically receives or meets the bottom of the regular bolt.

Lag Bolts

When fastening wood materials, if you want to make the assembly sturdier, you can use lag bolts. These stainless steel bolts look like large screws with threading that really sticks out. What makes a lag bolt different from a screw is the absence of the groove on the head that would otherwise allow a screwdriver’s tip to engage the screw.

Metric Hex Bolts

These look very much like regular hex bolts, except that the threading in metric bolts is different from standard bolts. Metric hex bolts are designed to be used on materials that have metric threading.

Flange Bolts

A flange bolt is unique because of the ridge around its head. With the ridge in place, the bolt can hold onto things far stronger than regular bolts. The ridge functions as a washer that has been assembled right into the bolt.

Carriage or Plow Bolts

Carriage or plow bolts are commonly used in wood. They are unique in the sense that they have a domed and smooth head, plus their collar (or the area right under the head) is edged to form a square. The square shape allows the bolt to easily dig into wood materials and also makes the bolt fit more securely into place.

Shoulder Bolts

These stainless steel bolts have smooth and long tops, while their lower parts have prominent threading. Shoulder bolts do not just fasten materials, but they also provide a pivot point in an assembly, particularly machines. The smooth area just below the top permits the material being fastened to move or pivot.

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