7 Unique Ideas for Wedding Venues

If a church wedding is not your style, consider alternative wedding venues for your nuptials. Reflect your personal style, hobbies, interests and passions when planning your wedding and your special day will be even more memorable. Perhaps the following 7 unique ideas will inspire you.

1. Private Home or Garden

Friends and relatives may have just the place to hold your wedding, and by using private property, you will enjoy more options than might be offered at traditional wedding venues. A simple hillside with a beautiful view can be transformed by the presence of your wedding party and guests. Nature can provide amazing backdrops for your wedding venue, so a vacation home near a lake or mountain might be the perfect choice.

2. Take It Away

Tropical paradise vacation retreats often offer a wedding package, and can be a great way to limit the guest list. These wedding venues will typically handle all the details for you, and you simply arrive with your wedding attire and enjoy. Consider your chosen honeymoon destination: could you have the service there first? Vegas may come to mind when you consider this idea, and that can be fun, too. For tropical options without leaving the US mainland, South Florida locations can capture the island flavor quite well.

3. Cruise Options

Do you have easy access to a major port? A cruise can be surprisingly economical, and cruise itineraries are so varied, you can choose a short 1- or 2-day duration if a longer cruise is not practical.

4. Local Hotels and Resorts

Even if you don’t plan your wedding venue in a far-away location, using the event facilities at a local resort or hotel can add an air of elegance and sophistication. This also offers easy lodging choices for guests coming in from distant locations.

5. Castles, Mansions and Shrines

Many large, originally private buildings have gone commercial to cover maintenance costs, and offer use for weddings and receptions. Most US states have an unusual landmark that will add an “other-worldly” atmosphere to your service, completely different from other wedding venues in the area.

6. Public Places

Maybe the city subway system holds special memories for you. Did your love blossom in the community park? Is your favorite restaurant an integral part of your relationship history? Choosing wedding venues from public places will require some extra legwork on your part. Check local codes for any public transportation systems, which will vary by city. Check with that favorite restaurant to see if they ever close for private parties. Find out if there are special permits needed for public park locations.

7. Activity Centered Venues

Perhaps a wedding on horseback is your choice, or maybe you are a skydiver. Slope-side weddings on skis or snowboards can be followed by a reception in the ski lodge. Surfers might plan nuptials on their favorite beach, and catch a wave before the reception. If you choose wedding venues that are this unusual, you will need to plan carefully and may limit your guests’ access to your ceremony. But, you might get your picture in the paper, too!