7 Uses for a Dry Ice Machine

With a dry ice machine you can create solid blocks of dry ice. Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. This material is extremely cold, reaching a temperature of -109 degrees Celsius. It does not melt but rather vaporizes. It should never come into contact with unprotected skin and should always be used in a well ventilated area. Never store dry ice in an air tight container. By following these safety precautions, you can use dry ice for a variety of purposes.

1 - Making Your Own Soda

Food grade carbon dioxide can be added to liquids to create a sparkling effect. For example, a dry ice machine can be used to make root beer. By combining a pound of sugar, a gallon of water, two ounces of root beer extract and two pounds of food grade dry ice, you can easily create your own root beer beverage. The dry ice creates the carbonation in the root beer. You can also add dry ice to juices such as grape and pineapple.

2 - Repairing Dents

Dry ice can be used to repair dents in metal. The carbon dioxide condenses the metal and reduces dents. Be sure to wear thick, protective gloves when working with this material. Place the dry ice onto the dent then allow the metal to warm under the heat of the sun. This process will eliminate the dent. If necessary, repeat the process until the dent is completely gone.

3 - Storing Food

Place about two ounces of dry ice in the bottom of a five gallon styrofoam cooler as a way of keeping food cool. Be sure to keep the lid on the cooler without closing it tightly.

4 - Removing Tiles from the Floor

Floor tiles can become difficult to remove. Dry ice can be used to loosen the tiles from the floor. Place the dry ice on the center of a tile. Allow the tile enough time to become frosted. Use a pry bar to pull the tile up from the floor.

5 - Protecting Fishing and Hunting Game

Take dry ice along with you on any fishing or hunting expeditions. Use the dry ice to prevent the game from spoiling as you transport it. Your game should not come in contact with the dry ice, as this will spoil and damage it.

6 - Caring for Plants

Use dry ice to keep your flowers cool. This will delay the blooming process and allow you to plant when the time is right and the weather conditions are optimal. The ice should not touch the plants but rather be stored near them. Small amounts of dry ice can also be added to soil to increase the growth of your plants.

7 - Shrinking Metal Fittings

Use dry ice to shrink your metal fittings. This will enable you to easily manipulate sleeves and bearings. Pour 90% alcohol into a bucket. Add the dry ice to the alcohol. You can then soak the fittings in this liquid solution.