7 Varieties of Hollyhocks to Mix it up With

There are 60 plus species Hollyhocks, the most popular of which is the Alcae Rosea. They are an excellent border plant that can be interspersed with shrubbery or planted alone. The long stalks from which the flowers grow reach heights of between 5 to 8 feet and produce 5 to 9 flowers. The following list is only a few of the possibilities. 

Alcae ficifolia

Also known as Antwerp Hollyhock. These grow 6 to 9 feet tall, are yellow and tolerant to very cold temperatures. 

Alcae pallida

This is another tall hollyhock that produces pale rose flowers. 

Alcae rosea

Alcea rosea is the common garden hollyhock. They come in a multitude of colors and bloom in single or double forms. The following are only a few of the choices included in the A. rosea family: 

Crème de Cassis

These hollyhocks have large blooms and a dark blue/purple color that fades to white. They typically bloom in early summer. 

Peaches n’ Dreams

Peaches n’ Dreams are a double bloom hollyhock that are peach in color. They bloom for weeks and are easy to care for. 


Also called Watchman Hollyhocks, Nigra are deep purple (almost black) in color and flower in early summer. 

Queeny Purple and Red

These red or purple hollyhocks are shorter in stature and wind resistant. They bloom for a longer period of time than most hollyhocks and do well in containers. 

Any assortment of hollyhocks will make a beautiful addition to your garden.