7 Ways to Save Electricity in the Workplace

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If we all do our bit to save electricity, we can make a positive impact on the environment. Most of us are inclined to pay more attention to energy conservation at home, because it has the added incentive of reduced bills. However, energy conservation at work can go a long way in reducing our collective carbon footprint and reducing toxic emissions in the atmosphere.

1. Turn off Appliances Not in Use

Never leave your computer on throughout the night, unless you have lengthy processing to do. When you step out for lunch or a break, leave the computer on standby to reduce power consumption. If the break is intended to be a longer one, turn the computer off. Before leaving for the day, check to see if most other appliances are turned off as well. But make sure you are not making trouble for someone who is staying late working.

2. Turn off Lights

When you leave for the day, make sure you turn off the lights in your cubicle or room. If there are other unoccupied spaces with lights on, turn them off as well. During the day, if there is enough light in your surroundings, turn off the lights. They may not even be making a difference in bright daylight.

3. Take the Stairs

Try to take the stairs every time you want to get to your office, especially if you have the time and if you are not on an upper floor. Avoid taking the elevator by yourself to conserve energy wasted on multiple trips. Try to set your daily route in such a way that you get used to the manual doors instead of the electronically operated ones.

4. Reduce Printing

Most offices have tons of wasted paper printouts. Avoid printing copies of every version of a report or project. Save copies on your computer, and only print them out when the need arises. When collecting copies from the printer, check to make sure you are not taking someone else’s printout by mistake. This will stop people from printing multiple copies unnecessarily. Use recycled paper for printing, and get into the habit of recycling everything that is no longer of use.

5. Minimize Air Conditioner Use

Avoid turning on the air conditioner or heater when the weather is relatively pleasant. Leaving the windows open will let you have some fresh air, and also have a major impact on the company’s power bills. Closed, stuffy surroundings also increase the chances of illness among people. Setting the thermostat at an optimum level during the winter will save energy and keep everyone comfortable. Keep a sweater handy at all times.

6. Use Fluorescent Lights

Consider making a suggestion to your company to replace all lights with fluorescent lights. These lights provide good illumination and can help with huge savings in electricity.

7. Use the Kitchen Responsibly

Most offices are equipped with stoves, ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Make sure you use these appliances efficiently. Avoid leaving the refrigerator open for longer than is necessary. Use the microwave oven instead of the gas or electric stove.