7 Ways to Use a Pre-Made Shelf 7 Ways to Use a Pre-Made Shelf

The traditional shelf can be challenging to move around especially if you have limited space at home. To solve this problem, you should invest in portable pre-made shelf with detachable parts which you can rearrange to fit into your available space. Below are some of the ways to use a pre-made shelf you fit into your home.

Hanging Shelves

Pre-made shelf is attractive in the living room and it is practical to use especially when you need to rearrange things around the home. There are various concepts to put on the shelf – from using channel slots directly mounted on the wall to using cable suspended from the ceiling. Series of shelves in different lengths can be stacked to accommodate decorative and even personal implements. Pre-made shelves come in various sizes and colors so you can choose the most appropriate mix for your living room.

Closet Shelf

Stationary closet shelf built into the walls of your home is nice but it takes up a lot of floor space and you cannot move it around when you want to. Using pre-made shelves to build closets will free space up. Simply attach channels firmly into the wall and mount the shelf. Other shelves can be added up on top of the others to create more storage space. Depending on the space you need, you can lengthen your space using a pole to support the additional stack of shelves.

Book Shelf

An overhead book shelf affords you easy access to your reading materials without taking up so much space. Installing a book shelf above the study table or the computer saves a lot of space and gives your ample area to store your things.  Aside from its utility value, hanging bookshelves can also give your home a more organized and spacious look.

Entertainment Appliance Shelf

As your movie and music collection increases, you need more space to store them.  To avoid cluttering your home, you should invest in an entertainment appliance shelf where you can store all your movie and music collections. There are many types of appliance shelf available in the market today so you do not have to worry about finding something that suits the overall lay-out of your home.

Storage Shelf

When it comes to storing things in the kitchen, the garage and other areas in the house, the pre-made storage shelf is a good option. If you have limited kitchen space, you can use an overhead shelf to store some of your kitchenware. You may also install a countertop shelf where you can put some of your cooking ingredients and other stuff. At the garage, you can use the pre-made shelf for storing your tools.

Pre-made Shelves For Kid’s Stuff

If you have kids at home, you can use a pre-made shelf for storing toys and baby books. You may also use the pre-made shelf to store baby supplies such as diapers, baby wipes and bathing stuff.

Bathroom Shelf

The pre-made shelf can help you organize your bathroom. Simply install this type of shelf in a strategic place inside your bathroom to hold your supplies.

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