7 Ways to Use the Hottest Bathroom Trend

stylish bathroom with colorful rug and wood walls

In 2020, there was no shortage of time at home. One thing that prompted was even more home renovations than usual. Stuck inside, and perhaps unhindered by the pressure of impending judgement from visitors, people revamped their spaces. This included home bathrooms, and it led to a prominent trend that ruled the year:

Patterns and Colors

While in the past, the largest bathroom trends have revolved around clean, white counters and sleek, metallic appliances and finishes, recent bathroom designs expanded the palate to include some bold statements. Patterns and colors made their way onto the scene in 2020, giving bathrooms a whole new look.

Many homeowners have found their own unique approaches to this idea. Here are a few vectors you can use to bring the trend to your bathroom design.

1. Wallpaper

Especially in powder rooms, wallpaper made a large appearance in bathrooms this past year. Paper in bright colors and bold patterns took the reins, giving homeowners a way to get creative and have fun in these small spaces. Consider creating an accent wall in a bathroom using wallpaper instead of using it throughout the entire room.

For a cohesive aesthetic, paint an adjacent wall (or walls) an accent color that complements the pattern you choose.

small bathroom with bright red wallpaper

2. Rugs

It may seem weird to put an area rug in a bathroom, but what better way to warm up a cold floor next to your bathtub? Oriental-style rugs add visually arresting accents, and they're functional, too.

3. Shaped Tiles

Another effective way to add a pattern to your bathroom is to use shaped tiles. These are great in the shower or even as a backsplash above the bathroom sink. Using these tiles to create partially tiled walls is another bathroom trend of the year, and it creates a beautiful look in any bathroom. Scalloped tiles in a bold color or even in a monochromatic palette are bound to be aesthetically pleasing.

Hexagonal tiles are another great option, and black tiles with a white grout outline create compelling contrast. Tiles are the perfect way to upgrade your bathroom without a large monetary investment, especially if you do the work yourself.

large hexagonal black and white tiles

4. Unique Marble Slabs

Marble is a common bathroom material, but choosing slabs with more pronounced coloring and patterns can take advantage of this popular trend. For example, marble in deep shades of maroon and gray makes a large statement.

Alternatively, marble with uniform horizontal stripes is another sleek pattern that will be eye-catching. Black marble with white veining also creates an interesting look.

5. Window Treatments

Patterned valances on your bathroom windows are a more subtle and less permanent way to add patterns and color, but it’s effective nonetheless. These are simple to swap out if you get sick of them, but even this small accent can make a large difference in the space.

6. Art Deco Influence

art deco style tile in bathroom

This is somewhat of a trend within a trend for the year. Art Deco influence in bathrooms is more popular now than it has been in quite some time, and this trend includes the implementation of interesting patterns, among other elements.

Retro colors, shapes, and patterns are all great ways to use this influence in your bathroom. A vanity in a deep navy hue with ridged wood in different directions allows for an interesting pattern, a pop of color, and a nod to this design influence all at once.

7. Tile Floors

Tile comes into play again with this trend in the form of flooring. Boldly patterned tiles in your chosen color palette can totally transform the space. Consider Italian-style tiles for something upbeat and exciting or chevron-styled tiles for something interesting yet clean and modern. Again, this is a less costly way to upgrade your bathroom since tiles are typically wallet-friendly.

Incorporating this popular 2020 home trend into your own bathroom is easy and fun to do, really ramping up the personality of the space.