8 Advantages of a Dual DC Power Supply 8 Advantages of a Dual DC Power Supply

A dual DC power supply is simply the supply of direct current to a machine from two outlets. It is a smart way to boost up ones' power supply at the cheapest price. And the best part of everything is, it is easy to install. Before we dive into the advantages of a dual power supply, let’s consider what a dual voltage and dual trace oscilloscope means.

There are some electric motors that can operate on two or three different voltages/lines, depending on how the motor is built and connected, in which case the voltages are either multiples of two or three of another. Another term worthy of mentioning is the Dual Trace Oscilloscope, which is simply the oscilloscope that can function and simultaneously display two signals. 

Constant Power

A single–phase circuit, instantaneous power varies sinusoidally. However, a dual power supply ensures constant power supply to a device when one power source fails, which could be as a result of a lot of factors.

Multiplies Supply Frequency

Dual DC power supply mutiplies the the supply frequency by 2.

Increases Power Output

More power is guaranteed whenever a dual DC power supply is engaged, compared to a single power source. Just like supply frequency, it multiplies the power supply by 2.


A dual DC power supply is less expensive. Dual DC power supply is cheaper than running on a single power supply. It also comes in useful in situations where one needs more power to boost already available amps. The additional power supply doesn't have to be of a higher wattage as not much loads need to run on it. For instance, the old power can be used to run the fan and pumps and the new DC source can power the motherboard and other components of the desktop computer.

Ease of Installation

Addition of a dual DC power supply to an already existing direct current power supply source is easy and can be completed in less than 20 minutes. For example, once the spot is identified for the second power supply, run a cord out of the case to connect the green pin and any black pin coming from the main power supply to the auxiliary. It is as simple as that.

Constant Power

A rig that uses dual DC power supply is guaranteed with constant and uninterruptible power supply. Again, a desktop computer can receive dual power supply, one for the fan and the second one for the motherboard. This set up ensures that power supply is not compromised whenever a device is switched on due to fluctuation of voltage. An electricity power supply can fluctuate whenever we add a load to it. Fluctuation of electric current is one of the major causes of damage to computer systems.

Convenient Temperature

Extra power supply does not change the case temperature as may logically be expected.


Dual power connection makes it easy to switch off the air conditioning device of an ATM machine without interrupting the entire power supply during cold weather conditions and saving up energy in the process.

A dual electric power supply is important for several reasons. Not only does it ensure stable power supply to a device, but it also helps prevent system damage. It allows for multiple usage of power by increasing power output. To put short, it ensures regular direct current power supply. The importance of a dual DC power supply cannot be overemphasized.

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