8 Advantages of Using Fence Slats

Fence slats are a common material that is used in creating a boundary for a yard. These fence slats can be made out of different types of materials including wood, plastic, and metal. Fence slats are usually installed in a vertical position. They are spaced evenly and present a great look to a landscaped yard. While there are plenty of other types of fencing styles, there are many advantages of using fence slats.

1. Uniform Look for Landscape

When the slats are placed in a vertical position, give a great uniform look to a landscaped yard. Each fence slat is evenly spaced for greater curb appeal and an organized look for a yard.

2. Safety to Children and Animals

When fence slats are spaced out at a few inches in between each one, it is very safe for both children and animals. Some fencing has just enough room in between the links so that animals, or small children, can get their heads caught. However, because of the way that slats can be spaced with an even, uniform look this is not a problem.

3. Plenty of Privacy

When the vertical fence slats are positioned in such a way that they allow only a few inches of view in between, it breaks up the view from behind it. This means that it is hard to see inside the yard. Fence slats are often found near areas where a pool or a hot tub is installed. They are also great for backyards where little children play.

4. Easy to Replace

A fence slat is installed in such a way that it is much easier to replace without having to replace and entire section of fence. Most fence slats are installed with the use of screws or nails on the top and bottom parts of the stiles. When one of the slats is damaged you can replace just the one piece.

5. Easy to Make Yourself

Wooden fence slats are easy for any level of do-it-your-selfer to install themselves. This can save a lot of money when it comes to installing a fence around a large landscape.

6. Easy to Paint

Maintenance for fencing usually includes some painting. With fence slats you can easily spray each one or use a brush. There is also the option of being able to customize the color of each slat for a brighter yard.

7. Great Option for Hedges and Plants

The fence slats are great for growing plants and hedges along side the fence. The air can circulate much better than with a solid fence. There is the need for grooming any hedges and flowers so that they do not grow outside of the slats. Many different flowers will benefit from this type of fence as they have a stable backing with circulation.

8. Customizable Fence Look

When you use a fence that utilizes slats instead of a chain link, solid wood, or other design, you can mix up the look of the fence with several different options. You can use thick slats or thin slats with a few inches between each board. Use different shapes to the slats by incorporating curves, diamond designs, or other engravings in the wood.