8 Advantages of Using Hardboard Siding

Hardboard siding is made of hardboard, which is an engineered wood product that provides the look of wood without the price. Hardwood siding is quite durable and often comes with several years’ warranty. With proper care and maintenance, this type of siding can last for a long time. Below are some of the main advantages of hardboard siding.

1 – Available in Several Designs and Sizes

Hardboard siding, being a manufactured wood product, is available in many different sizes and shades. Unlike original wood siding, there is no limitation on the size of the siding. You can get larger panels for a lower price. Also, there are several finishes and looks available. You can choose between unfinished and pre-finished hardboard siding. If you purchase unfinished siding, you have the option of staining and painting it the way you like.

2 – Environmentally Friendly

Unlike original wood and metal siding, hardboard sidings are considered quite environmentally friendly. It uses leftover wood material and fibers that can be put to good use. In comparison, wood sidings rely on heavy deforestation. Metal sidings are also not as environmentally friendly, because they require the mining of natural resources.

3 – Affordable

Hardboard siding is cheaper than wood or metal sidings. They are quite cost effective, because they can stand up to weather elements for many years as long as the protective finish is intact. With regular inspection and by performing the required maintenance, you can get many years from hardboard siding.

4 – Provides the Look of Real Wood

It is difficult to distinguish between hardboard siding and original wood siding. Only an experienced eye can make out the difference in texture and grain. Vinyl or plastic sidings that imitate the look of wood are not as attractive to look at. For a much lower price, you can get durability and the look of original wood siding.

5 – Easy to Install

Hardboard siding is uniform in its density and weight. It is also available in any required size. This means a lower cost and less labor. The installation process is also quite easy, which means you can save more money. In fact, some homeowners may even consider the installation easy enough to do it themselves.

6 – Durable

Hardboard siding is quite sturdy and durable. You must avoid the use of power washers, because they can cause dents on the surface of the siding and allow moisture to infiltrate. Also, as long as you keep an eye on the siding for the presence of cracks or openings and make the necessary repairs, the siding will hold steady. Also make sure that any loose nails or missing sealants are promptly replaced.

7 – Resistant to Rust

Unlike metal siding, hardboard is resistant to rust. It is also more resistant to temperature fluctuations. It is also more resistant to dents and scratches.

8 – Resistant to Insects

Hardboard siding provides excellent resistance to termites and other bugs. As long as the siding is free of gaps or holes, it will provide a solid cover.