8 Advantages of Using Latex Spray Paint

Latex spray paint is water-based paint, which can be sprayed on to surfaces just like any other spray paint. Over the years, latex spray paint has advanced significantly in terms of quality. This has made it a suitable choice for a range of materials that were previously unsuitable for water-based paints. Below are some of the chief advantages of using latex spray paint.

1 – Low in Volatile Organic Compounds

Latex spray paints are water-based and are free of toxic solvents. This makes them low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or totally free of them. This makes the use of latex spray paints much safer for the people in the vicinity. You also do not have to worry about fumes lasting for days, which is common with any alkyd paint.

2 – Easy to Clean

When you use spray paints, some amount of overspray or running is unavoidable. With latex spray paints, the advantage is that they are so easy to clean. You only have to be careful to wipe the paint when it is still wet. Wipe the affected parts with warm soapy water and the surface will be completely clean in a few minutes.

3 – No Odors

Latex spray paints are free of odors, which makes them easier to use in an indoor environment. However, it is still advisable to wear a respiratory mask and open windows when applying latex spray paint.

4 – Effective on Most Surfaces

Historically, latex paint has been an unsuitable choice for unprimed wood surfaces, wall papers and metal surfaces. Because of the high water content in it, there was always the risk of moisture penetrating the surface. With unprimed wood, the risk was that the water would raise the grain of the wood. With metal surfaces, there was the danger of rusting. Application of latex paint on wallpaper would cause the surface to peel. With the use of latex spray paint, all these risk factors have been eliminated, because the moisture content is much lower, while still allowing easy application.

5 – Non-Flammable and Safer to Use

Latex spray paint is free of flammable solvents in the composition. It also does not require solvents for cleanup. This makes these paints much safer to use, because there is a negligible risk of fires, unlike with alkyd spray paints.

6 – Dries Up Faster

Latex spray paints are thinner and cover the surface area faster. This also makes them quick to dry. Reapplication of subsequent coats of paint can be done quickly, which significantly reduces the time required for a painting job.

7 – Less Likelihood of Fading

Latex spray paints have superior characteristics such as resistance to yellowing and fading. This is a common problem with alkyd paints, which are also susceptible to mold growth. Latex spray paints remain unaffected by mold and fungus.

8 – Higher Opacity

Latex spray paints also have a high degree of opacity, which enables better coverage over paints of a different color. With proper application, you can achieve complete coverage and lasting results.