8 Advantages to Owning a Free Standing Shower

A free standing shower is beneficial in many ways. Few people would not appreciate the invigorating spray of a shower. A free standing shower offers all the refreshing properties of a standard shower, coupled with added privacy and independence.

1 – Eliminates Need for a Bath Tub

If you own a free standing shower, you no longer have to depend on a bathtub. You can use the enclosure that typically takes up less space than a bathtub.

2 – Provides Independent Showering Space

A free standing shower provides a separate space where you can enjoy a shower. You do not have to worry about water splashing around and wetting the bathroom floor. You can choose between water-proof shower curtains or doors to close the shower stall or enclosure.

3 – Added Privacy

A key advantage of free standing showers is that they provide an enclosed, independent bathing space. A permanent door with a latch provides maximum privacy. You can also install fixtures in the shower stall, to hold toiletries. This eliminates the need to come out of the enclosure till you finish bathing.

4 – Can be Used Indoors or Outdoors

A free standing shower is not meant for exclusive indoor use. If you have a pool in your backyard, you can install a shower enclosure close-by. When you feel like a wash after a swim, you can use the free standing shower. This eliminates the need to enter indoors and go to the bathroom, dripping water everywhere in the process.

5 – Ideal for Use in Small Bathrooms

For people in smaller homes, bathroom space if often limited. A bathtub and shower combination is not always a feasible option. In such situations, a free standing shower provides an ideal solution. There are a variety of designs and sizes available. Some designs can be conveniently fit into a corner of the bathroom. This ensures the most efficient use of space.

6 – Allows for Water Conservation

A shower in a free standing shower enclosure requires only a fraction of the water that is needed to fill up a bath tub. If you install low flow shower fixtures or shower heads, this amount can be reduced further. This makes free standing shower energy friendly options as well.

7 – Several Shower Fixtures Available

There is a wide variety of shower fixtures available for use in a free standing shower. You can choose between a soft flowing water mist and a strong pulse of water that offers a massaging effect. You must however be aware of the fact that fancier options for the water flow also result in consumption of larger amounts of water.

8 – Easy to Enter and Exit

Entering and exiting a bathtub is not always a comfortable or easy task for elderly people. It is much easier to walk inside the shower enclosure and to exit it after a shower. Using a free standing shower is also a more hygienic option when compared to sitting in soapy water in a bathtub.