8 Best Uses for a Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Wet-dry vacuum cleaners, unlike standard ones, are designed to tackle not just dry dirt, but also liquid spills. Instead of using a vacuum bag the wet dry vacuum uses 2 bucket-like devices that separates liquids and solids into 2 different chambers; these cleaners come with several different accessories and though powerful they work very smoothly. Most wet-dry vacuum cleaners come with a set of interchangeable brushes including those for cleaning out grout on tile walls or floors and they also have a very long power cord. This makes them very versatile and your day to day chores will become much easier if you learn how to make the best use of your wet-dry vacuum.

1 - Spills

Whatever you spill, whether it’s a cup of tea or a bottle of wine or just simply bread crumbs all over your floor your wet-dry vacuum can tackle the job.

2 - Clogged Sinks

You can free clogged sinks and baths by putting the setting to blower, not suctioning and the force of the expelled air will do the job.

3 - Water Mattresses

If you have to move house, your water mattress has to be emptied first. Use your wet-dry vacuum to do the job by inserting the nozzle into the access cover. The machine will stop automatically when the reservoir is full.

4 - Floors and Curtains

Use your wet-dry vacuum cleaner just like an ordinary one to collect dust and debris from your floors or curtains. Most vacuums come with an attachment suitable for hardwood floors and another to tackle most kinds of material.

5 - Fireplace

Your wet-dry vacuum will make the time consuming and backbreaking work of cleaning the fireplace as easy as pie.  It will suck up cold ashes, wood chips and dirt in a jiffy.

6 - Snow Machine

Are your doorstep and path snow bound? You can clear the way by using your wet-dry vacuum and thus another backbreaking and time consuming work is rendered much easier by your machine.

7 - Flooding

There are various reasons why flooding in your house or workshop can occur such as a tap left running or a broken pipe. The wet-dry vacuum can tackle most household water disasters quite easily, thus preventing prolonged water damage.

8 - Carpet Cleaning

This is not such an easy a job, even with the help of your wet-dry vacuum, because the carpet has to be manually brushed with a cleaning detergent first; the machine will do a very good cleaning job after the detergent is spread on the carpet and you can be sure that all filth, mildew, marks and stains will be removed.

If you are a proud owner of a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, you will definitely have experienced its practicality first hand. In order to acquire many years of service from your machine always abide with the manufacturer’s instruction manual and making it a point to change the vacuum's air filters regularly. Also do not pull the machine by the hose, but by the base as the hose can be easily damaged.