8 Bunk Bed Safety Tips

A bunk bed is a practical option for families that have limited space at home. This type of bed is also popularly used in college dormitories, summer camps, and even in military barracks. However, there have been many accidents related to the use of this bed. So before you buy a double deck bed for your children, here are some of the most important safety tips to prevent injuries from happening.

Tip 1 – Use the Right Mattresses for the Bed

Using mattresses that are too big or too small for the frames of both the upper and lower bunks can cause accidents. Children can slip or fall out of the bed if the size of the mattress does not properly fit the bed frame. To determine the right mattress size, read the safety label on the bunk.

Tip 2 – Choose Bunk Beds with Guardrails

Guardrails can prevent your kids from rolling over and falling out of the bed. Choose beds with guardrails that can stand over 5 inches higher than the surface of the mattress. Also, remember to install the guardrails on both sides of the bed.

Tip 3 – Position the Bunk Properly and Securely

In order to minimize accidents, it is always wise to place the bunk bed in a stable area of the room. Wobbling bunk beds can be dangerous. It is also better to position the bed with one side against the wall rather than in the middle of the room to help prevent your kids from accidentally falling over. Also, do not put the bed under lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and other overhead accessories.

Tip 4 – Teach Kids How to Use their Bunk Bed

Do not assume that your kids know how to use the bunk. It would be a good idea to teach and show them how to get up and go down the bed ladder. This will prevent your kids from rolling out of bed and hurting the occupant of the lower bunk.

Tip 5 – Enforce House Rules Promoting Proper Bed Use

Make sure that you do not allow kids to jump around in the room, especially on the top bunk. You should also tell your children to keep their room clean and organized, especially in the area around the bed. Toys lying around can cause accidents and injuries.

Tip 6 – Don’t Allow Very Young Kids on the Upper Bunk

Kids under six years old are not tall enough or ready to sleep on the top bunk. There are a lot of responsibilities involved when sleeping on the upper bunk, so you might want to designate this spot for a much older child.

Tip 7 – Put on a Night Light or Lamp

A night lamp will help children get off the bed and navigate the room if they want to use the toilet at night.

Tip 8 – Regularly Check Safety Features of the Bunk Bed

The screws that hold the guardrails and other safety features of the bed can loosen over time. Thus, be sure to check all safety mechanisms regularly for the protection of your children.