8 Ceiling Fan Parts

Ceiling fan parts work together to keep your ceiling fan working smoothly. It's important to understand the various parts of a ceiling fan if it ever breaks down and needs repair. It is much easier to replace ceiling fan parts than purchase a whole new ceiling fan and have it installed.

1. Blades

The blades are what create air circulation when the fan is turned on. It is very easy to replace fan blades on a wide number of makes and models. You can purchase spare fan blades individually or in replacement sets. Most home improvement stores sell fan blades if you never need to make a replacement.  

2. Blade Arms

Blade arms are another part of the ceiling fan that is very easy to replace. Blade arms are also easily found in home stores and can fit most types of ceiling fan. You don't always have to find a replacement that matches the make and manufacturer of your ceiling fan.  

3. Capacitors

The capacitor usually wears out with age. You may have to replace the capacitor in older fans that have been operating for many years. For this ceiling fan part, it is important to find the right model to match the fan. You can usually find this part in a replacement parts store.  

4. Downrods

Most modern day fans use downrods that are very similar to one another. They come in 1/2 inch or ¾ inch diameter sizes with threaded or non-threaded ends.  

5. Flywheels

This part is very easy to replace if required.  

6. Motors

The motor is the most difficult part of the ceiling fan to replace. Unfortunately, it is not common to replace ceiling fan motors. However, most problems that occur with a ceiling fan are not related to the motor. If your motor breaks down, you may have to buy a new ceiling fan.  

7. Mounting Bracket

The mounting bracket is an important part because it is what keeps the fan connected to the ceiling. These parts don't usually break, however, it is good to have a few spare mounting brackets on hand in case you lose any during installation or disassembly. Most mounting brackets are standard and can be found at home improvement stores.  

8. Pull Chain Switch

The pull chain switch is a ceiling fan part that breaks quite often. What usually happens is that the chain is pulled out of its socket. When this happens, you can no longer control the fan. You can easily find replacements for this part at a home improvement store. Sometimes pull chains look similar but they're not, so make sure you purchase the right one if a replacement is needed.  

It's not very difficult to replace most ceiling fan parts if something breaks down. It is often less expensive to make a replacement than to buy a new fan and have it installed. If you don't know how to replace a part, you can hire someone to do the job for you.

Another option is to research the part or ceiling fan on the Internet and find instructions for making the replacement. If you do this, you may be able to fix the fan on your own.