8 Driveway Landscape Designs

Your driveway landscape points the way to your home, so the attention you give to its design and appearance is well-justified. Consider the size of your lot and where your driveway must run when configuring your driveway landscape. Pick up useful tips and suggestions from those provided below.

How Your Driveway Will Be Used

Consider how many people will park in your driveway daily, and where you can provide room for guest parking. This might involve a two-car-width driveway, or you can insert a side pull-over parking area partway up the drive.

Materials You Can Use

Set a firm budget, and be practical. Elegant pavers will be too expensive for the full length of a 200-yard driveway, but could be used for trim or a driveway apron at the front entrance. If you get little rain or snow in the winter, a driveway cover of crushed stone will be just as effective as asphalt. You can also use natural stone, if it is able to support the heavy weight of a car, travertine slabs, or specially formulated driveway brick that can be interlocked dry, or mortared.

Driveway Access from the Street

If you live on a very busy street, but have a wide lot, you can consider a semicircular driveway. This style will enable you to drive in and drive out when you need to go out again. Make the entry path at least 18 feet long to enable a car to pull in straight off the street before turning onto the curve. If you have a short, narrow lot, you will need to include a turnaround so you can reverse the car in the driveway to exit forward again.

Entry to a Garage beside the House

Design a turning arc that is 10 to 15 feet in width to swing over into the garage entrance from the driveway proper. Allow ample room to back out again.

Parking by a Side Entry

Double the width of the driveway if one car routinely parks by the side entry of the house. This will enable you and other passengers to get in and out easily with groceries, strollers, sports equipment and mobility-assist devices.

For a Large House on a Large Property

If your lot is over 100 feet wide, featuring a large house and deep front yard, consider putting a courtyard at the front entry. You can use a fountain, statue or ornamental landscape garden at the center, and wind the traffic around it. The overall diameter of a circular courtyard should be 70 feet, and a square courtyard should be at least 55 feet per side. These courtyards look splendid when finished with matched pavers in an elegant pattern. For a lot with a much larger back yard than front yard, swing your driveway to one side of the house and place the courtyard in the rear.

Driveway Edging

For most driveways a paver edge is sufficient. Floral plantings along driveways seldom survive lively children and pets at play.

Driveway Lighting

Make sure your driveway has illumination. It can be simple or refined - from solar garden lights up the sides to two lanterns mounted on pillars at the street end.