8 Essential Drill Press Accessories

Drill press accessories increase the overall performance and accuracy of drill press machines. There are a number of accessories available in the market, but not all are useful for every task. The usefulness of drill press accessories varies from user to user and for what purpose they are using the drill press. Some of the accessories do not enhance the performance of the drill press machines directly, but rather they help in making the work a lot easier. The following are some of the accessories available in the market to enhance the performance of your drill press:


A drill press table is the platform on which you operate the drill press. Tables sold with original equipment are very basic and do not have fences to keep materials from falling. Specially designed tables for drill press resolves this issue. Some tables also come with stop blocks to hold the materials in place. This enables the operator to work alone. If you work only on wood with your drill press, then go for wooden tables with T-Track kits.   

Drill Press Roller Support

While working on long stocks or materials, the operator often requires help from a second person either to hold the material in place or to lower the bit. Drill press roller support eliminates this problem. Outriggers fitted on both sides can accommodate and hold a 56” long stock. A work support roller also helps to move the stock up and down without disturbing the bit location.

Laser Guide

At times, you may not be able to figure out the exact location of where to bore a hole in the material. This is extremely important if you need to bore several closely spaced holes. One mistake might mean redoing the whole work. A drill press laser guide comes handy in such cases. Mounted on the column of drill press machines, two lasers accurately pin-point the location for drill bits. An alignment device sold with lasers makes calibration and alignment of lasers even easier.

Tool Tray

While operating a drill press, it is difficult to handle tools that are kept at different places. A tool tray accessory keeps all these tools, like bits, wrenches, hammers and pliers in one place. And won’t you also like to keep a coffee mug on the tool tray?


Handling long stocks is difficult, and so are small pieces of wood and metals. The task becomes extremely difficult if you are trying to drill multiple holes at close quarters on a small piece of work. A drill press clamp firmly holds small pieces of work at one place with even pressure. 

Dust Collector

Do you get annoyed by the dust that gets scattered while you operate your drill press? Metal dust is particularly dangerous if inhaled. Wood dust, on the other hand, can make your place dusty within a matter of minutes. Because of this, a dust collector is an essential accessory. It can be adjusted to any position to collect the dust right at its source. Multiple nozzles make the job even easier. Drill press dust collectors can be fitted on all types of table tops with ease.