8" Frying Pan

Small but mighty, an 8" Frying Pan can be used to cook a number of foods, from dinner for one person to a special breakfast for the kids.

Many Tasks

The majority of home cooks, as well as professional chefs and cooks, have an 8" frying pan in their kitchen for a number of cooking tasks. An 8 frying pan is small enough to create the perfectly fried egg for breakfast to a strip steak for dinner.

Check for a Coating

As long as the pan has a coating of some form, such as anodized, copper or nonstick, to name a few options, food will not burn. A frying pan that is coated with a material is always easier to clean because food does not stick and clean-up is easy.

Tiny but Useful

An 8" frying pan can come in handy when you want to whip up something small and not use a big pan that will get dirty and be cumbersome to handle for such a small meal. The 8" frying pan is suitable for students, single people, or for cooks who do not make large quantities of food. It is a pan that is easily stored because of its size and can be hidden from view under a cupboard or a pantry shelf.