8 Hardboard Siding Care Tips

Hardboard siding is made of an engineered wood product. It is much more affordable than original wood siding and can offer years of service if it is maintained properly. Hardboard is a product that is made of wood fibers compacted together under extreme heat and pressure. Hardboard does not offer the same level of durability and toughness as wood siding, but it is quite cost effective. To make your hardboard siding last, you must follow the below tips to take care of it.

1 – Inspect the Hardboard Siding Annually

To detect any major flaws or a need for repair, you must inspect your hardboard siding every year or more often, if possible. Look for cracked paint, missing sealant, holes, loose nails and other such problems that could lead to moisture infiltration. With frequent inspection, you can catch problems before they become irreparable.

2 – Ground Must Slope Away from the House and Siding

For better protection of the hardboard siding and also to maintain the structural integrity of your home, you must ensure that the ground slopes away from the foundation. If this is not the case, you will have problems related to water accumulation, rot, mold and mildew.

3 – Keep the Earth and Plant Material Away from the Siding

Hardboard siding must be installed at a distance of at least 6 inches from the ground at its lowest point. Grass, mulch, shrubs and plants must also be kept a safe distance away. Do not allow vines or creepers to twine around your hardboard siding. All these factors can contribute to rot and moisture problems.

4 – Direct Drainage Away from the Building

Any drainage pipes and gutters around the building must be routed away from its foundation. Also ensure that all these pathways are free of clogging and obstructions.

5 – Keep Downspouts and Gutters Clear

It is important to maintain your downspouts and gutters, so that there are no blockages to the flow of water. This water must also be routed a safe distance away from the building and the siding.

6 – Direct Sprinklers Away from Sidings

If you have sprinklers installed in your lawn, you must direct them away from the siding. Prolonged exposure to the water can cause the siding to swell, warp, crack and lose color. There is also a high chance of mold and fungus formation in this case.

7 – Avoid the Use of Power Washers

Never use power washers to wash your hardboard siding. The pressure of the water can be too high and can cause splits or cracks on the siding. It is best to use a mild cleaner and water from your garden hose to clean your siding.

8 – Repair Loose Connections and Cracks as Soon as Possible

If you notice any loose nails, missing caulk or sealant or cracked paint, you must have it repaired as soon as possible. Such defects on the hardboard siding can provide an inlet for moisture, which can quickly deteriorate the hardboard.