8 Home Security Myths Debunked

A man in all-black opening a door.

Whether you’re upgrading your home’s security system or considering the installation of a system, there are several home security myths that can affect your choice in security systems. Sometimes it's easy to just go along with the opinions of others about the best options for home security versus researching whether those opinions have any validity. If you’re going to the expense of having a security system installed, you want the best options available for your investment based on fact and not fiction. Here are eight security myths debunked.

1. The Cost and Contracts of Home Security Systems Aren't Worth It

These two issues are important. Unfortunately, both have negative connotations attached because of myths. The best way to debunk the notion that security systems are too expensive and have unfriendly contracts is by contacting companies in your city and asking for an estimate for installation and monthly cost, and the terms of their contract. Depending on the type of system you select, the cost can run from budget-friendly to very expensive. In the case of the contract, check for any clauses that need clarification before signing on the dotted line.

2. My Pet Will Protect The House

A sign in a window with the words 'Beware of dog' on it.

While Spot barking whenever he hears a sound may seem like a obvious security option, if you aren’t home while your home is under siege, your pet may end up hurt while your home is being robbed. Your loyal canine also won’t be able to call 911 or trip an alarm. There’s also the problem with pets being tempted by tasty treats, which allow intruders to break in. Another myth is that pets will set off false alarms, which might have been true in the past, but today’s companies have ways to set up a system that takes pets and their rambunctious activities into account.

3. Lines for Security Systems Can Easily Be Cut

We’ve seen this happen in too many movies where the intruder cuts the phone line, which is needed for a security system. Wireless technology for home security systems has made this situation obsolete. With a wireless system, you’re also covered during power outages.

4. Wireless Systems Aren't Reliable

A smart watch and a tablet in the background with home security apps open.

Another myth surrounding home security is that wireless systems aren’t reliable. Wireless technology is more advanced and more reliable than traditional hard-wired systems. Your home is more readily connected via cellular technology to the company’s main control center. As mentioned above, an intruder has no phone line to cut to disable the system.

5. My Neighborhood Is Safe

You may live in a neighborhood that has a low crime rate, but that doesn’t mean your home isn’t susceptible to intruders. Crime can happen anywhere and any time. Just because there hasn’t been a burglary in your neighborhood doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Adding a security system is a way to prepare for future problems before they occur.

6. The Police Will Save my Home

Police tap with a house in the background.

The myth that police won’t be able to get to your home in time to prevent your valuables being carted away is valid, to a point. Without a home security system, if you’re not home and intruders break in, you can rest assured the intruders will get away with the goods. With a security system in place, the police will automatically be contacted, which means there is an opportunity for the intruders to be caught versus not at all.

7. Nothing Stops Intruders

A home with a security system sign clearly visible in the front yard is a deterrent to would-be burglars. Easy access and opportunity are the two things an intruder looks for first. If no security system is in place, it’s more likely to be targeted versus a home connected to a security control center.

8. My Emotional Distress Can't Be Prevented

If you think there’s no cost to your mental state after a break-in, you would be mistaken. While material and insured items can be replaced, there’s no amount of money that will buy peace of mind. With a home security system in place, there’s a feeling of safety against those who would enter your home uninvited.

With this list of debunked security myths in hand, you have the information necessary to make an informed decision about the things to look for when choosing a security system for your home or business.