8 Ideas for Adding More Kitchen Counter Space

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It doesn’t matter how much space you have, everyone seems to need additional kitchen counter space. However, you can make the most of your counters and create even more space on them for storage and use by following a few handy tips.

1. Cutting Boards

Instead of chopping vegetables on a cutting board that takes up vital counter space, buy a chopping board that fits over the sink. Not only does it free up the counters, but you can easily slide the waste off the board into the sink ready to go into the garbage or down the disposal.

2. Adding an Island

If you have space in your kitchen, a kitchen island can add counter space in your kitchen, as well as giving more storage below. They can either be static and built into the kitchen or you can buy a rolling island on casters.

3. Extending Counters

If there’s space in your kitchen, you can extend the kitchen counters. This can either be fixed to the wall, offering extra space, or you could add counter space that folds down against the side of a cabinet which becomes available when you need it and can be kept out of the way when you’ve finished.

4. Under Cabinet Space

There’s plenty of space under your kitchen cabinets that can be utilized. Instead of having a television, radio, or electric can opener sitting on the counter, you can buy appliances that are intended to fit under the cabinets. This not only puts them at a better height for you to use, but it also frees up more of that kitchen counter space as a work surface.

You could also buy an under-counter organizer. It’s ideal for spices and small jars that would otherwise be cluttering up a countertop. It keeps them in one place and makes them easy to find when you need them for cooking. You can even find an under cabinet wine rack.

5. Door Racks

A door rack to hang in the pantry offers plenty of extra storage and a great way to clear things off countertops. Cans, kitchen towels, jars, and bottles can all fit in the racks, clearing plenty of space on your counter for other purposes.

6. Pan Storage

Rather than having pans sitting in kitchen cabinets, put a pan rack and shelf above your stove. The pans will be even more accessible than before and the lids can be stored on a shelf above them. Not only are they always at hand and ready to use, but you’ll have cleared an entire cabinet that you can use to stores items that would otherwise be on your countertop.

7. Slide-Out Storage

If you have space between your refrigerator and your cabinets, put in slide-out storage. This is a tall, thin set of shelves on casters that can hold a range of things that would otherwise be taking up counter space, leaving you feeling more in control of your kitchen.

8. Hanging Baskets

Hanging wire baskets are ideal for storing vegetables and fruit. This clears more counter space since you won’t have a fruit bowl sitting around. This helps to keep foodstuff neat and organized while still being accessible.