8 Ideas for Church Wedding Decorations

When you are planning a wedding and deciding how you want to decorate your venues, there are plenty of ways in which you can use wedding decorations for the big day. Church wedding decorations don't have to be all about layers of tulle, flowers, and roman pillars. Don't be afraid to go to the bare minimum, or similarly, don't be afraid to go for exuberance and excess; it is your wedding, and you can do what you like. Concentrate upon decorating areas such as the church or chapel entrance, the pew and the pulpit for best effects.

Tip 1 - Candles

Weddings begin at the church's entrance, so be sure to allocate some wedding decorations for that. How you decorate the church entrance can be determined by what time of day you are getting married: an evening wedding might consist of candles arranged on floor candlesticks, placed on either side of the entrance. As an alternative, if the church is unwilling to allow lit candles, you could use LED candle lights.

Tip 2 - Christmas Entrance 

Your entrance can also be decorated according to the season in which you are getting married. Spring or summer weddings can have local flora, such as tree branches laid against the doors of the church, or late winter weddings might like to use Christmas trees: you can find sequin or tinsel trees that will look pretty by the church doors. You could also use tree branches again, this time hung with silver baubles.

Tip 3 - Advertising

If you are expecting a lot of family to the wedding, then you may want to include a sign as part of your church entrance wedding decorations. A floral wreath hanger can display a sign with the couple's name, and a time, so that people know where the ceremony is being held.

Tip 4 - Decorate the Pews

Decorating the area where your guests will sit is very important. There are a number of things that you could do to make the pew's wedding decorations extra special. Pew bows are a very traditional wedding decoration, but you could try hanging small wreaths of flowers, crystals or raffia instead. These wreaths can then be collected at the end of the wedding ceremony then used to decorate the tables at the reception.

Tip 5 - Flowers and Pictures

Flowers, photographs or even framed initials can also be hung from the ends of pews using (for flowers) glass vases or (for initials and photos) metal frames. You can also alternate these with floral wreaths.

Tip 6 - Use Feathers

Feathered ornaments can also make good pew wedding decorations, as birds are traditionally associated with love and romance. You can find some during the Christmas season that clip onto trees: use these to decorate the seats or the front of the pews.

Tip 7 - Lighting the Pulpit

When decorating the pulpit, you have a number of options, You could choose to use lighting to shine over the pulpit (with the minister's agreement, of course), or, if you are getting married in the evening, use a small disco-ball to catch light from candles.

Tip 8 - Use a Wedding Tapestry

You can also hang something like a wedding tapestry onto the front of the pulpit. These can be found at craft stores, or you can also sew your own to match with the color theme of the wedding.