8 Ideas for Matching Bathroom Décor with Color

Your bathroom is an important room in your home, and your bathroom décor should be both functional and appealing to the eye. In order to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, use coordinating and complementing colors and styles in your décor choices.

Choosing a Color Scheme

Matching and coordinating bathroom décor color can be as simple as you make it. Choose no more than three colors for the walls, floor and window coverings in your bathroom. Choose at least one color as an accent in the room. Most colors will not match exactly, so do not spend too much trying to make something happen that won’t. If they coordinate well for you, and you are happy with the combination, then go with it!

Coordinating Your Colors

Once you have developed a scheme for the colors of your flooring, paint and fabric, put them together in the room you will be decorating. Take a step back and look at them from a distance. Check to see that nothing odd stands out. Be sure that no elements are lost in the combination. Return to your combination and take a look at different times of the day. Consider whether anything needs to added, removed, lightened, brightened or changed in any other way.

Choosing Décor Elements

Select other décor elements, such as shower curtains, towels, bath mats, soap dishes, waste baskets and drinking glasses, to correspond with your color scheme. This is an excellent way to add your accent color. Towel bars and racks should be made from the same material as the faucets and knobs found in your bathroom. There are plenty of beautiful and inexpensive bathroom décor that you can find in department stores and shops.

Shower Curtains

Your shower is a prominent area in your bathroom and requires extra attention when decorating. It will bring out the style of your bathroom more than anything else. A plain bathroom can become interesting with the right choice of shower curtain. Choose one that compliments the style and color of the décor.


Choose towels in colors that complement the decor of your bathroom. Brighten a plain bathroom with vibrantly colored towels. Mix shades by placing a neutral hand towel over a bright bath towel. Neutral and light colored towels are less likely to fade from washing. Thick white towels might be the best bang for your buck. They create a spa feeling, go well with any décor and are easily kept bright with a little bit of bleach.

Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers or dishes are a necessary accessory to your bathroom They are needed near the shower and the sink. Be sure your soap dispensers add to both your bathroom decor and color scheme.

Mats and Covers

Bath mats and coordinating seat covers add luxury to bathroom décor and tie together the colors of your design.

Wall Hangings

Additional accessories like wall hangings can add to your bathroom design. There is a variety of art that you can display, including framed photos and paintings, ironwork, wall quotations and door plaques. Be sure to choose pieces that coordinate with the color scheme and style of your bathroom.