8 Indoor Plants with Beautiful Flowers

pink blossoms on a gloxinia plant

Forget the fancy humidifiers. Don't worry about hanging a bunch of colorful pictures, using a level, and getting out a hammer and nail. Fill your home with flowering plants instead. With this simple action, you'll improve your air quality and add bright color and natural beauty to your indoor areas. Flowering plants are a straightforward and effective way to make a considerable improvement to indoor areas. If you pick the right plants, you'll wind up adding a lot of beauty without adding a lot of extra work to your daily routine.

Indoor Flowering Plants

There are many indoor flowering plants to choose from, but some require almost constant care and attention. As pretty as they are, plants that require special misting, certain temperatures, specific humidity levels, and regular treatment can be a real pain in the neck. Instead, choose low-maintenance flowering plants that grow very well indoors and require very little attention.

1. Anthuriums

indoor flowering anthurium with red, leaf shaped blossoms

These winter-blooming plants bring bold, bright red, pink, purple, or white blossoms to any space. This plant is a beautiful way to bring life and beauty indoors. The soil should be only slightly moist—this plant doesn't like conditions too wet or too dry. Because these flowers bloom best in indirect light, they are perfect for being grown indoors. Even when the flowers aren't in bloom, this plant is lovey, thanks to the bright green, heart-shaped leaves.

2. Gloxinia

beautiful purple and pink gloxinia flowers with ruffled petals

Gloxinia produces vivid purple flowers that have a ruffled look. They bloom in winter, which truly brightens up indoor areas. These plants love filtered sunlight, which is perfect for indoor growing. Give these plants moist soil and avoid getting the leaves wet. Gloxinia has a long flowering period, so you can enjoy the blooms for about two months. This long-blooming period and relatively low maintenance upkeep make this a great indoor plant choice.

3. Cape Primrose

beautiful purple blossom with white spots of varying size

This evergreen perennial will continue to produce white, pink, purple, or red flowers for years. Give this plant bright sunlight, let the soil dry out between waterings, and this plant will look beautiful in any space. Try not to get the leave wet, or they will get unhealthy-looking spots. You don't have to do a lot to keep this plant looking lovely.

4. Begonias

beautiful orange and pink begonia blossoms

Begonias are a tried-and-true classic houseplant because they're low maintenance but also gorgeous. The leaves are dark green and lovely, and the flowers can bloom in a huge variety of colors, depending on the species you choose.

5. False Shamrock

purple false shamrock plant with small white flowers

These plants don't just produce lovely blossoms, they also grow with gorgeous dark purple foliage. The pretty purple flowers and bright leaves add lots of color to any indoor space. The plant's leaves open in the daytime to drink in the light and then close at night.

6. Kalanchoe

pretty orange kalanchoe blossoms, some open, others in buds

Known as window's thrill, these plants are easy to grow. Place them in a sunny window, give them occasional water, and they will produce pretty succulent leaves and colorful small flower blossoms. The flowers appear all through the year, and they grow in a vast array of colors.

7. Chenille

chenille plant with long fuzzy red flowers

These plants are the choice for you if you want something that looks not just exotic but otherworldly. The flowers are long and fuzzy and look like red caterpillars, giving this plant its incredibly distinct look. This makes a great hanging plant because of its trailing growth.

8. Desert Cacti

spiky cactus with beautiful red flowers

Succulents are famously good for growing indoors. Like all cacti, desert varieties require very little water. Give them lots of sunlight, and they'll be happy. In spring and summer, desert cacti bloom with absolutely stunning orange, frilly flowers with tons of tiny petals.

With the right flowering plants, you can fill your home with blossoms and colors all through the year and bring joy and life into any room, without maintaining a mind-numbing watering and fertilizing schedule.