8 Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Impact Wrench Running Smoothly

Using an impact wrench to remove lug nuts
  • 1-5 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-200

An impact wrench is a handy tool that can be effective in cutting down labor, time, and effort. Available in manual, electric, hydraulic and air compressed versions, the primary function of an impact wrench is to provide torque. This tool makes tasks such as turning screws, nuts and bolts much easier, especially if they are old and jammed in place. To keep your tool running smoothly and to extend its lifespan, there are a few maintenance and care steps you must follow.

Never Use Incorrect Sockets or Bits

When you work with an impact wrench, the sockets or bits that go with it are just as important. If you use the wrong sockets, there is a danger of breakage to the parts. Also, it can increase the chance of accidents and injuries.

Inspect the Cords Regularly

Never abuse any power tool by dropping it or dragging it along. Always carry the impact wrench by the handle after ensuring it is switched off. Regularly check the cords for signs of wear and tear. Never use an impact wrench that has damaged cords. You must repair or replace the tool immediately.

Check the Parts Regularly

using an impact wrench

If any parts of the impact wrench show signs of damage, or are not aligned properly, it must be repaired before further use. Always use the services of a qualified service technician for repair and maintenance. If the tool does not start running when you switch it on, you must have it inspected and repaired.

Clean and Maintain Accessories

Keep your impact wrench accessories protected from wet conditions, excessive heat and sun. Ensure they are clean and free of debris or dirt. Accumulated dirt can cause misalignment or jamming of the parts, which can damage the tool itself.

Use only Recommended Cleaners and Grease

Keep all moving parts of the impact wrench lubricated with a manufacturer recommended lubricant only. Lubricate the impact apparatus, valves and other parts as per instruction in your manual. If you have an oil-filled motor, change the oil as per instructions. With air compressed impact wrenches, it is important to ensure proper air flow with regular testing. You must rule out any leaks or damage to the tool before using it.

Never Apply Excessive Torque

Man using an impact wrench on a deck

Applying excessive torque can damage the studs and sockets with which you work. This can lead to dangerous accidents. Cover your impact wrench housing with a protective cover to protect it from the elements.

Clean and Store the Impact Wrench after Every Use

After using an impact wrench, wipe it clean and lubricate it with a manufacturer recommended lubricating oil. Do this in a well-ventilated area. You can do this by pouring tool oil into the inlet and then turn on the tool for some time. This will ensure the lubrication of all moving parts. Avoid any cleaning or lubrication products that contain detergent. Store the tool in a dry, enclosed location.

Check the Impact Wrench Regularly

Regular measurement of torque output from an impact wrench is a required part of its maintenance. When an impact wrench is turned both ways, it should produce the required working torque, failing which it must be repaired by a qualified technician.